Schön! 4 Magazine Online Now

A collaborative effort from the uber-talented folks at Nineteen74, a global professional fashion networking site based in London, Schön! Magazine encompasses exquisite fashion spreads and content.

Ghosts, spirits and the unknown entice you in.

With paranormal activities behind the scenes, the mystical embodies this issue from start to finish. The haunted pursue the living, and the living try to escape from the tormented. Prepare yourself for this supernatural sensation.

This is the magazine you need to read, full stop.

I personally love Schön! because it’s independent (no Conde Nasty here, thank you very much), brimming with creativity, runs the gamut in editorial and photographic styles, and is just amazingly inspiring.  I would love to live in an all-white apartment with glass coffee tables a la Karl Largerfeld and have this magazine casually strewn everywhere, open to a random spread, in order to decorate the void.  Of course, I live in a two-story house with ratty grey carpet casually strewn with diecast cars, Lego pieces, and random bits of plastic the dog has chewed on, so the illusion is destroyed by the intrusion of harsh reality.  But I can still lose myself for awhile in perusing this lovely magazine online.

Read the full magazine online here, or you can purchase and download the PDF for about $7 U.S.

Be drawn in.

-Carly J. Cais

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