Where to Go in New York: Formspring.me Question

from Formspring.me:

Hi! I’m a Portland girl (like you) and I’m heading off to New York tomorrow to enjoy the city. Any recommendations or places you loved that you’d like to share with me? =]

Hi! Wow, New York! I’m no expert, but a couple spots that I enjoyed (and mentioned on my blog) were Crumbs Bakery, metalliferous, M & J Trimmings, and shopping at little stores like STEPS Boutique and Strawberry. I would have loved to peek in more high-end boutiques like Albertine, What Goes Around Comes Around, Patricia Field, Opening Ceremony, Topshop, Eryn Birnie, and hang out in F.A.O. Schwartz and Dylan’s Candy Bar. Plus a stroll through Central Park always says “New York” to me! (As well as a bag or hot nuts from one of the street vendors late at night:-) And watching the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center (probably gone in March, tho…) Yeah, okay..not an expert…:-)You may want to scroll through my blog where I ask my readers for suggestions – the had some pretty good ones.

Anyone else have some suggestions for her?

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H & M in New York

I also managed to stop by H & M while in New York City.  We don’t have one in Portland (but one is apparently coming this summer!  Yay! …Unless you’re one of those people who are against the increasing corporatization and mass-marketed clothing available in a town known for indie fashion…in that case…Nay!)

But I still found many lovely pieces at New York’s H&M!  Check it out below:

Click to see more!

I would have bought this beautiful butterfly skirt had they had any more of it in my size.

Love this! Crisp white shirt – detailed like a chef’s uniform.

Gingham done incredibly chic.

Hello Kitty makes everything better!

A haunting Laura Laine illustration on a tanktop.

Tiny pearls create a pretty design on a top.

I soooo regret not getting this skirt. If someone’s near an H&M and would like to get it for me in a size M (6) & send it to me, I’ll pay you for it!

GORGEOUS skirt. I can’t believe the work went into this…and that it’s at H&M for an affordable price.

I like the way the cutwork trim is used around the neck and sleeves.

Ooh- this is just brimming with ideas to DIY!


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M & J Trimming & Zara

Yes, this is what I believe Heaven looks like.  (Well, it would have some fabrics too.  And some sewing machines.  And people at said sewing machines to do my bidding, hehe.)

M&J Trimming is like heaven for people who love embellishments.  Everything you could imagine…from studs to pailettes to sequins to ribbons to trim to iron-on rhinestones to embroidered appliques to buttons.  Yum.  Check it out if you are in the New York area at 1008 6th Ave, New York, NY (click to see the map on Google Maps).  You can also order online at mjtrim.com.

And, I managed to stop by Zara while I was in the city.  (I’m sure most of you have probably been to a Zara before, but Portland has no Zara, so I’ve been sadly deprived..I’ve only been to the one in Tokyo!)  Here are some of my picks from this chic boutique (and some DIY ideas??):

Flats embellished with tiny gold beads.

I liked the detail in this bag’s straps.

Okay – different-colored of denim mixed in together is definitely IN for Spring!

Love the folded draping detail done on this cardigan and top.

I could have just bought two embroidered/studded appliques at M & J Trimming and added some chain to an old tank.

Love the innovative folding on the shoulders of this blouse.

If you were artistically-inclined you could paint this using fabric paints on any old tee.

Pretty pleating detail in the leather and a cool chain-embellished strap.

I almost bought the top but found the material too thin and flimsy.  I think I’m just going to DIY a striped tunic with iron-on rhinestones in this spatter configuration.

Studded and eyeletted belts…just buy a plain elastic belt and add your own iron-on nailheads of different-sized eyelets.

Taupe sweatshirt with nailhead detail. Totally doable with iron-ons.

I normally don’t like things with tassels but thought these were inexplicably adorable – like little mustaches for the feet!

Zipper-edged saddle bag.

See anything you like?

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Cool Findings Store: metalliferous, NY

metalliferous is a jewelry supply store located near Bryant Park in New York City.  It’s a little hard to find, the outside being so nondescript and such, but it is indeed a gem in the rough.

The list of tenants inside the doors to the building, on the wall.  The store is located on the second floor.

The place is as well-organized as it can be, considering, but it’s still a virtual rabbit’s warren of jewelry components, beads, findings, tools, chemicals, and raw materials.

Boxes upon boxes…shelves upon shelves…selving unit upon shelving unit…stuff crammed in any available space…you get the idea.
I had a flashback to that library opening sequence from Ghostbusters.

How do you find anything here? Well, you gotta look. I wouldn’t term the staff particularly pleasant, but they are certainly knowledgeable when asked. Is it possible to be unpleasant but helpful?

I wish I had had more time to truly browse, because even in my quick perusal I spotted many components that I had seen in other jewelry (selling on Etsy, in affordable small boutiques – even in Justin Giunta’s line Subversive!!), and my mind was beginning to get overcrowded with ideas both to DIY and original creations.

If you are in the New York area, I really hope you guys have a chance to go – it truly is a haven for those who like to make jewelry or craft pieces.

They also have an online store (and mail order available) if you are not able to make the trip to their brick-and-mortar location.

metalliferous, 34 W 46th St, New York, NY (212) 944-0909 map it

View Larger Map

Definitely check it out if you have the chance!


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Cool Boutiques: STEPS and AlphabetsNYC

It just so happens that STEPS is a few steps away from the tens at Bryant Park.  I checked in there last year, and though their stuff was cute and affordable, I didn’t feel like it much differed from what was sold at places like Jeans Warehouse or Forever21.  This year – HUGE difference.

New buyer, new brands – and just stocked with some great stuff.  Bright atmosphere – and ton of clothes to look through and squeal over.  (Though I can’t say the staff is the most friendly or helpful; my one caveat.)

I almost bought this double-layered tank, but it only came in brown – apparently the gray had sold out.  Super-cute for summer!

I could literally buy the whole front half of the store.  Piece after piece: tops, dresses, jackets for Spring, had incredible details, unique (albeit a little flimsy) construction – and it was stuff I had seen nowhere else.  And so affordable!  Tops and jackets ranged from $39.99 (sale) to at the highest $69.99; with dresses and pants somewhere in the middle.  Accessories clocked in from $9 – $40.  drooooool
Here are a few fabulous pieces I found:

Loved the embellishment hanging off of this – and ended up buying it for $19.99.

White leather zipper skirt – $59.99.

Ombre-dyed crochet-back tank-and-cardigan combo.

Pleated dress for $59.99.

 Velvet lavender Western-style shirt with studded pocket flaps.

Studded tank dress under sheer pocket vest/dress.

I bought this coat too – a lovely waffle-knit convertible front cropped jacket.  So warm – and the front flaps can be buttoned down in various ways!  (Only $39.99 on sale!)

I also managed to swing by AlphabetsNYC [their website has been COMING SOON for a year now] on the Lower East Side, one of the few boutiques I had visited last year, where I bought my Ryu double-hood tunic top for a steal (that I’m wearing here in the photo with Yigal Azrouel).  AlphabtsNYC is divided – one store is a music/CD store, the other, a knicknacks/gifts/clothing boutique.  Both store sides are crowded and crammed with items – kind of kitschy; a little vintage-looking and tongue-in-cheek…but the clothes are a whole ‘nother story!

This is what the left-hand part of the store looks like if you’ve never been there.

You head to the lefthand storefront and way into the back, and there are racks for both women’s and men’s clothing and accessories.  (The sales staff is pretty indifferent, so I just leave them alone.)  My male friend oohed and aahed over a cracquel-grain leather briefcase with flap pockets for $150, and turned over hat after hat rendered in tweeds and dandy-ish pinstripes.  I concerned myself with the women’s clothing racks on the right – in the far back; both top and bottom racks are a whopping 70% off [unmarked, so you have to ask and make sure!] and I could barely contain myself at the fabulosity – AND the prices.

Sweet little owl-print tank.

Ark & Co chiffon blouse with trim detailing for $39.99.  What a great use of trim around the neckline! 

A gorgeous windowpane lasercut A-line silk dress for only $25.50???? (Marked down from $86.)  

I ended up with the sweetest little sheath constructed of wide ribbon fringes in graduating colors, for only $25!  Truly a chic steal!

A close-up of the fabulous square-cut fringe piecing on the front of the dress.

If you are ever in the area you MUST check these boutiques out:

STEPS 1040 6th Ave map it

AlphabetsNYC 115 Avenue A (12 pm – 8 pm daily) map it

Have any of you ever been to these boutiques?

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