DIY Dyed Fabric Looped Scarf A.K.A How to Make a Necklush

Another one of my tutorials was featured on the ILoveToCreate blog this week, so I’ve reposted the tutorial here for everyone who might want to try it out!  I received a question about how to make a necklush [those looped fabric scarves that have gotten popular recently] a little while ago, and when I went to search for a tutorial that I’d read a couple years back, I found that the tutorial was gone and the blog no longer existed!!  So I decided to write (er, re-write) the how-to.  Granted, I don’t have a lovely Necklush in front of me so I can’t say exactly how they’re made…but this is my best DIY approximation, which includes a little side-fringe for those who like fringes.  Hope it helps!


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