9 DIY Place Settings for Your Holiday Table Inspired by ZGallerie

9holidaytablesettings The holidays are upon us – and it’s time to think about dressing up one’s festive table: pairing dishes, napkins, glasses, and accessories to create the perfect backdrop for your feast. Though I LOVE Z Gallerie as an amazing source of inspiration for the holiday table, most of the time I’m willing to plunk down my money for a little more affordable. Take some inspiration from these dressed-up table settings, and DIY your way to the perfect set-up for your entertaining this season:holidaytable1

No. 1: Layer a bronze beaded placemat under a red charger (a cheap plastic one is fine!), followed by a gold plate and bowl (Dollar Tree has some great ones!). Add a gold ball ornament inside the bowl, and a DIY Gold Starburst napkin ring onto a tan chiffon napkin (just get a length of chiffon cut at the fabric store, and hem). A DIY Gold Etched Champagne Glass completes the set.

No. 2: This time make your DIY Starburst napkin ring with silver spray paint, paired with a pewter chiffon napkin. Use 2 white octagonal plates and 1 bowl, stacked above silver ball ornaments ringing the setting. A disco ball ornament (can be DIY’d with CDs if you can’t find a good one) in the center and a glass with a silver stem (spray-painted with Krylon Chrome Spray Paint makes the setting perfect.

No. 3: Use Tulip Shimmer Sheets to apply a gold foiling to a plain white square placemat. Stack 2 gold plates and a gold bowl on top of each other, adding a DIY Pearl Ornament covered in pearl and gold beads to the center. A piece of stemware can be co-ordinated with a bit of gold spraypaint in the center of the stem, and add a gold faux poinsettia to a hair elastic to tie a crimson satin napkin (extra points for adding some gold beading to the edges!)


No. 4: Use a square silver beaded placemat on the bottom, stacked with 3 silver square plates atop. Add a sprayed-on chrome bottom to the glasses as in No. 2, a string of silver ball ornaments in the center, and use a silver tassel from the upholstery section in the craft store to tie around plain white napkins.

No. 5: Use a flower-shaped placemat on the bottom (paint with a nickel-colored fabric paint if it’s not quite the right color), and stack 2 gold plates and a gold bowl in the center, filled with gold-colored ball ornaments. Use plain stemware, silver chiffon napkins, and a beaded napkin ring (using barrel-shaped clear glass beads on silver ball-end headpins).

No. 6: From bottom to top: a gold beaded square placemat, 2 silver square plates, 1 crystal flower-shaped tealight candleholder + telight candle. Add stemware with the centers painted gold (as in No. 3), a silver chiffon napkin, and a spiky-looking napkin ring DIY’d with gold seed beeds strung on to short lengths of jewelry wire that are twisted together in the center.


No. 7: Use a red charger, 2 white octagonal plates, and an octagonal bowl. Add some crimson plums, pomegranates, and/or berries (faux is fine too!), gold-painted stemware, a crimson satin napkin with gold beading at the edges, and a simple gold-and-crimson napkin ring (which you could DIY by spray-painting curtain rings).

No. 8: Gold sequined placemats could be made just by cutting up a piece of sequin fabric and hemming with stick-on hem tape if necessary ($18 a yard will get you more placemats than the $119.80 at Z Gallerie will!). Then add 3 square silver plates, a faux white grape cluster (spray paint something from the craft store floral section if you can’t find the right kind), stemware with the centers painted silver, and a silver pleated satin napkin (you can buy pre-pleated fabric from the fabric store, usually in the formal-wear section). A plain gold-and-white napkin ring finishes everything off.

No. 9: Use a faux white alligator placemat (like textured scrapbooking paper cut into a square, glued onto a piece of cardboard). Top it off with 3 white octagonal plates and 1 bowl, with a green disco ball ornament in the center. Add a green goblet and a green satin napkin with gold beading at the edges, along with a gold-and-white napkin ring.

Here’s to a Happy Holiday Table!


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