Vivi Model Elli-Rose and Boyfriend Gui at Home in Tokyo

I just came across the website The Selby through Fatlace. I was completely unaware of its existence up until now – but am so glad to have stumbled upon it! Photographer Tod Selby has compiled an online photo-journal of people and their homes around the world (Tokyo, Brookly, London, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Milan, Paris…) Seeing people, photographed in their homes, and the variety of living spaces they inhabit – so cool. (Am I also a little creepy for being curious about how other people live??)

Fabulous photography – arresting characters – a voyeuristic peek into the lives of others – what more is there to say?

Except this…I was doubly surprised at a collection of photos of model Elli-Rose (click to link to her personal blog – in Japanese) – a model anyone who reads Vivi Magazine will recognize instantly. There she is, in the home she and boyfriend Gui inhabit in Tokyo – lolling around, playing with their kitten, opening up their closets, being frank with the sex-talk…v. interesting to see her like this. I had no idea – nor that she was only 20! (Or maybe I did and I forgot.) It’s always interesting to see a more intimate portrait of people who you know so well by sight but in reality…don’t know very well at all.

more of Elli-Rose’s apartment here

I love the photographer’s selection of items he photographs around their apartment – the tiny minutiae and objets so seemingly insignificant – it really gives you a feel for the owners’ personalities. I was ROFL over the “Super Premium Catty Milk” above! Those silly Japanese and their penchant for English words on their products!!

Definitely check out The Selby is you have a free moment (or a free hour) for more intimate looks into other people’s spaces – and to satisfy the inner voyeur we all know is there.;-)

-Carly J. Cais

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