DIY Patterned Silver Leaf Photo Frame with Mod Podge Stencils

0.diystenciledphotoframe_introphotoNow I’m sure you guys have heard of that amazing crafting supply that does practically everything: Mod Podge. There are major devotees to this glue/decoupage medium/finisher, and for good reason! Because it’s nontoxic, cheap, provides a variety of finishes, and it just plain flat-out works!

Amy Amderson, the amazing and multi-talented blogger brand representative of Mod Podge (and the brainchild behind the cool blog Mod Podge Rocks!) sent me a package from her brand-new Mod Podge Peel & Stick Stencils line, designed exclusively for PLAID Enterprises. I had a blast playing with the stencil, and I fashioned this chic patterned update to an old photo frame I had. Check out how I did it:

 You Need:diystenciledphotoframe_materials

photo frame  /  Mod Podge Peel & Stick stencil (mine is in Tangier)  /  foam pouncer  /  Mod Podge (matte)  /  silver leaf  /  gloss spray acrylic sealer  /  paintbrush (not pictured)

How To:diystenciledphotoframe_step1

1. Place your stencil onto your photo frame. (If your photo frame is very smooth, you may need to rub it with fine grit sandpaper to give it some surface to the Mod Podge to stick evenly on to.)

2.  Pour out some Mod Podge and dip the foam pouncer into it, wiping off excess.

3. Dab the pouncer on top of the stencil.

4. Peel off the stencil and allow the Mod Podge to sit for a few minutes to become tacky.diystenciledphotoframe_step2

5. Place some silver leaf onto where the Mod Podge was applied.

6. Use a soft, dry paintbrush to remove the excess silver leaf.

7. Once one side is fully leafed, repeat placing the stencil, applying the Mod Podge, and applying the silver leaf in sections across the photo frame.

8. Finish wish a spray of acrylic sealant to keep that silver leaf looking gorgeous!

And that’s it! I love how designer-y and high-end the photo frame now looks…even though it was a super-cheap piece from IKEA. I also love the worn look of the silver leaf and the great pattern that emerged as I applied it. The stencil was super-easy to work with, and sticky enough that I could wipe it off each time and re-use it on different parts of the frame, no problem. The perfect addition to this frame was a photo of Lil Tot practicing his best flying ninja stab jump with my rake. Stab that leaf pile!!

You can find Mod Podge Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencils in craft stores such as Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michael’s, or at the PLAID store online here. I guarantee, they will take your Mod Podge projects to the next level!

diystenciledphotoframe_done2Thanks Amy and the team at PLAID! It was so fun to make this little project 🙂

Happy DIY’ing!


FTC Disclosure: I was sent a Mod Podge stencil, 2 small tubes of glitter, and 2 foam pouncers courtesy of PLAID Enterprises. I have received no compensation for this post. The above opinions are my own. To read my full Disclosure Policy, click here.


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