Me + Ro-style 3-Disc Multi-Chain Necklace

We’re loving the idea of a multitude of gold disc pendants strung about the neck a la Me + Ro (or AlexandAni) but we ain’t paying upwards of $285 for them. No siree – we’re also not into anything stamped or overly-designed, we just want something clean and sweet, a trifecta of circles lying on the throat.

So what’s a girl to do? Do it on the cheap, of course.

We grabbed these earrings to sacrifice for our cause from for $8.99. Pulling 3 discs off the bottom with some help from our jewelry pliers was no big feat, and the earrings pretty much looked the same regardless. (Conservation, woo-hoo!) We attached them to three thin chains we’d bought from our local craft store, and voila! A perfect 3-disc necklace for less than $11.

What do you think?



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