M & J Trimming & Zara

Yes, this is what I believe Heaven looks like.  (Well, it would have some fabrics too.  And some sewing machines.  And people at said sewing machines to do my bidding, hehe.)

M&J Trimming is like heaven for people who love embellishments.  Everything you could imagine…from studs to pailettes to sequins to ribbons to trim to iron-on rhinestones to embroidered appliques to buttons.  Yum.  Check it out if you are in the New York area at 1008 6th Ave, New York, NY (click to see the map on Google Maps).  You can also order online at mjtrim.com.

And, I managed to stop by Zara while I was in the city.  (I’m sure most of you have probably been to a Zara before, but Portland has no Zara, so I’ve been sadly deprived..I’ve only been to the one in Tokyo!)  Here are some of my picks from this chic boutique (and some DIY ideas??):

Flats embellished with tiny gold beads.

I liked the detail in this bag’s straps.

Okay – different-colored of denim mixed in together is definitely IN for Spring!

Love the folded draping detail done on this cardigan and top.

I could have just bought two embroidered/studded appliques at M & J Trimming and added some chain to an old tank.

Love the innovative folding on the shoulders of this blouse.

If you were artistically-inclined you could paint this using fabric paints on any old tee.

Pretty pleating detail in the leather and a cool chain-embellished strap.

I almost bought the top but found the material too thin and flimsy.  I think I’m just going to DIY a striped tunic with iron-on rhinestones in this spatter configuration.

Studded and eyeletted belts…just buy a plain elastic belt and add your own iron-on nailheads of different-sized eyelets.

Taupe sweatshirt with nailhead detail. Totally doable with iron-ons.

I normally don’t like things with tassels but thought these were inexplicably adorable – like little mustaches for the feet!

Zipper-edged saddle bag.

See anything you like?

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