DIY Lego Brooch Inspired by Dee and Ricky

Thank you Outsapop!

My go-to for DIY inspiration, she posted photos and a DIY for those Marc Jacobs lego accessories (as done by Dee and Ricky) waaaaay back. Since I still had a ton of Legos that I had religiously held onto since childhood, I definitely had enough to make the brooch…but I stopped by my local Lego store and bought the small size “Pick-a-Brick” bucket, choose carefully some basic brick sizes in colors that definitely weren’t available in the 80’s. (Lime green, charcoal grey, hot pink, sky blue, orange.) The effect, when paired with my old tooth-scarred Lego blocks (cuz gripping the darn Lego block between one’s teeth and just pulliing was the only way to separate the darn things back in the day….now the Lego Store sells thingies specifically for prying…one wonders why they didn’t think of that before).

I added some electrical tape between the layers and a pin back behind, so it can be pinned to clothing or even a belt front. I have short hair, so I don’t think I’ll be wearing it in my hair…plus I think 30 is probably to darn old for those things now. *sigh* Perhaps wearing any Lego accessory at my rather ancient age is a little much, but…I love the idea so much, I can’t resist!

Try channeling your inner Lego-loving kid and whip yourself up something fun like this – can’t help but grin at the irony of high fashion meets kiddie toy!





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