DIY: Men’s Shirt to Jumpsuit Romper

This is a long one, so hang on for the ride…

We’ll be using one ENTIRE shirt – and leave only the tiniest scraps behind when we’re done.  It will take awhile, and this tute is probably not for beginners.

Project Difficulty:  (EXPERT)
You Need:

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Jump! Jump! Jumpsuit Romper Outfit…from a Man’s Shirt


Button-Down Jumpsuit Romper: Handmade by Me from a Man’s Shirt
Xhilaration Multi-Studs Wallet: Target (I added the chain)
Faux Fox Fur Tail: Handmade by Me
Black Leather Pumps: Michael Michael Kors

Now that it finally feels like summer here in Portland (hellloooo, 90-degree days!!), I celebrated by making this jumpsuit from a man’s button-down shirt.  I used almost every little bit of the original shirt!


With ruched shoulders, belt loops, and self-tie at waist.

It took awhile to formulate the how-to, but I figured it out and shared the tutorial a couple days later here.  Check it out if you’re interested in making your own!!

I took an instant liking to this cute little wallet from Target.  You’d never think it was actually a wallet once you add a chain handle to it!  (I’ll probably change the chain to something a little less bright, but overall, I think this is a great little purse for going out.  Just the right size for the bare essentials!)

I made this faux fur fox fur tail recently.  I’ve been seeing them starting to crop up in photos around the blogosphere, and something tells me they will be a HUGE trend from Fall ’10.  I can only find them online made of REAL fox’s tails.  I’m so turned off by this idea (of using a real fox’s tail and hanging it off your bag –*blech*) that I decided to make my own.  So for those wanting to get the look of the foxtail accessory, but not inclined to use real fur, I’ve created fake fur tails – out of the most luxurious faux fur I can find.  Seriously, I’ve been searching for about 5 years for faux fur that looks like this and has all the beautiful variegation of real fur (and is sold by the yard to non-wholesale customers – something more rare than you might think!).  It’s just lovely.  This is the Brown-Tipped color, and I’m also offering pure White, solid Black, Orange-tipped Cream, and Brown in my Etsy store!

I also added this tiny pewter fox charm – to indicate that no foxes were harmed in the making of this piece (and still paying homage to the animal that inspired the design;-).  I’m offering the tails with and without the charm – and I donate 10% of sales to the Humane Society, who has worked tirelessly to create regulated fur-labeling standards in regards to fur-trimmed fashion products, and advocates going “Fur-Free” when it comes to fashion.

Wedge Platform Heels: Velvet Angels Optima Wedges (purchased on HauteLook for 77% off retail!)

Haha!  I just had to try these babies out!

I was so embarrassed about my lack of a pedicure I Photoshopped one in.  Sorry for the deception. 


You can also wear the romper without the belt, and with the collar open for a more relaxed look.

Hope everyone’s having a great week!
I have an interview tomorrow for a potential job…so psyched!  Wish me luck~


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