Save the Planet by Recycling Your Clothes at H&M and

Got any old clothes you’d like recycled? H&M is currently accepting donations of used clothing- and it’s for a great cause.

Actress Olivia Wilde, in her crime-fighting guise of Princess Layers, has teamed up with H&M and to urge America’s youth to help save the planet by recycling their old clothes. From now through June 20, teens and college students are encouraged to comb their schools and communities for castoff garments—all brands and all conditions are welcome—to drop off in garment-recycling bins at any H&M store. H&M will bundle off these clothes to a recycling facility, where the fibers will be recovered for export or reprocessing.

“Clothing Comeback” participants who send a photo of themselves depositing their unwanted clothing to will be entered to win a $10,000 scholarship, on top of receiving a 15 percent discount off their next H&M purchase.

More than 85 percent of readily recyclable textiles land up in landfills every year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That’s 1.1 million tons, or the equivalent of over 70 billion T-shirts.

Spread the word, and help keep clothing out of landfills. Donate to resale or charity shops (like Goodwill!), or for the unwearable, ripped, dirty, or completely un-resellable…bring them to an H&M for recycling and re-use. You can be a SuperHero too!



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Maison Martin Margiela for H&M On Sale Thursday Nov. 15…DIY It Maybe? And Grab a Metal Hair Ring!

So the $10 million dollar question is…are you going to wait in line for the Maison Martin Margiela collection at H&M?

I’m debating whether to swing by the mall on Thursday and check out a couple pieces, though probably not buy.  It’s not like I need them after all.

What do I need want are the color variations of the perfect metallic hair-ring…I picked up gold the other day, and now I’m kicking myself for not picking up silver and copper.  Similar to what was seen on the Dries Van Noten runways for S/S 2012, H&M has put out their version (which looks similar to a couple plastic ones with metallic foil on them I’ve had since the 80’s…I think they were Goody, originally.)   Deliciously minimalist, problem-solving construction so your hair isn’t falling out of your DIY napkin ring/copper plumbing piece you’re making do with.  Sometimes DIY is not always the answer to a basic construction problem…and buying at retail price will save you a lot of time and frustration.  I have fine hair and find that anything metal and heavy will slip right out of it.  The H&M piece has an inner ring that secures the hair elastic, and a snap closure that’s easy to apply, and is only $4.98.

By strange coincidence, all the metal I was wearing today was H&M…gold metal hair-ring and copper choker bought Sunday, and gold elongated pyramid earrings purchased back in June or so.  Nails are suede-finish Amber by Julep, a perfectly-matte, velvety-finish dull gold.

As for the Margiela collection, I’m thinking possible DIYs for that hitched-up turtleneck (safety-pins applied under the hem to hitch things up)…that trompe l’oeil bodysuit (just tack on a black bra to a nude long-sleeved leotard)……that glove clutch (attach gloves to your clutch bag with some leather glue)…those skirted trousers (throw a similar-colored skirt over a pair of wide-leg trousers)……those hand-painted loafers (paint your black loafers with some white latex [not acrylic, and not leather] paint)…that pieced-together coat (2 different coats, stitched together into one)…

…and those plexi wedge pumps…though I’m questioning whether time and effort is better spent just buying those heels as-is.  Sometimes just plunking down the $4.98…or in the case of the plexiglass heels, $299…is an actual cost-savings when it comes to something that needs to bear weight and be flexed multiple times in a day, like shoes…

Also, the $20 million dollar question: Will you buy something knowing that it is extremely recognizable [and may remain so for years] in the collective conscious as from a certain collection, store, or designer?



Margiela for H&M Collection photos from  See the whole collection here.

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H & M in New York

I also managed to stop by H & M while in New York City.  We don’t have one in Portland (but one is apparently coming this summer!  Yay! …Unless you’re one of those people who are against the increasing corporatization and mass-marketed clothing available in a town known for indie fashion…in that case…Nay!)

But I still found many lovely pieces at New York’s H&M!  Check it out below:

Click to see more!

I would have bought this beautiful butterfly skirt had they had any more of it in my size.

Love this! Crisp white shirt – detailed like a chef’s uniform.

Gingham done incredibly chic.

Hello Kitty makes everything better!

A haunting Laura Laine illustration on a tanktop.

Tiny pearls create a pretty design on a top.

I soooo regret not getting this skirt. If someone’s near an H&M and would like to get it for me in a size M (6) & send it to me, I’ll pay you for it!

GORGEOUS skirt. I can’t believe the work went into this…and that it’s at H&M for an affordable price.

I like the way the cutwork trim is used around the neck and sleeves.

Ooh- this is just brimming with ideas to DIY!


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