DIY: 40’s-Style Cute Kitty Beret for Halloween

Now that the weather’s cooling down, I want a cute little hat to wear – not something chunky and heavy just yet, but something that adds just a little bit of warmth.  Something polished, and maybe even a bit kitschy.

And I just LOVE me some kittehs!  I am such a crazy cat lady.  I used to volunteer in Hawaii trapping feral cats and adopting the kittens out to loving homes.  Then I got Cat Scratch Fever.  True story.  Anyway.

Cat-themed merch was all over the runways and is now in stores for Fall (check out this lovely printed Wildfox sweater and Romwe’s knockoff oh-so-similar version).  So, inspired by berets I’ve been seeing in my Japanese magazines, I decided to create my own Kitty version.  And it’s my first foray into wet wool felting and hat-making.  So stick with me and I’ll show you how!

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Don’t Buy, D.I.Y! Marc Jacobs Colored Straw Hat

Straw orange and pink sunhats from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 RTW Collection.

A little paint gives a floppy straw hat a vibrant 70’s-inspired makeover a la Marc Jacobs.

Merona Wide-Brim Floppy Straw Hat, Target, $12.99. 

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint in Fuchsia and in Pumpkin, $5.79 each,

Happy DIY’ing!


Photo is a scan of one of the Marc Jacobs advertisements shot by Juergen Teller, found in Vogue Magazine (or something…)

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Leave Comment Question: Summer Hats and Headscarves

img from

from (continued from an earlier question):

I will be shaving my head in a couple of weeks for charity and as I will be pretty much bald (eek!) I was wondering if you had any ideas for cool hats or headscarves to cover me up during the hot summer. For more info on the cause visit my blog:

Wow!  Good for you!  That takes guts to do, though it’s certainly for a great cause.

If you’re looking to cover up and aren’t into purchasing a wig while waiting for your hair to grow back, either a hat or a head-scarf (or a combination of the two!) will probably be your best bet.

Hats and Scarves

clockwise, from green hat:

Right now is a really great time for hats, as Target currently is stocking their Eugenia Kim for Target line of stylish, chic hats – for a fraction of the cost of what Eugenia Kim hats usually sell for.  Kim, who shaved her head after suffering a bad haircut, found there was such a lack of stylish headgear on the market that she designed her own cover-up.  Thus, she’s certainly no stranger to your dilemma – and I love that this wide-brimmed straw hat has its own scarf built in to it – an added plus.  This green fedora is super-cute and city sassy, which would look great paired with a floaty tee and bermuda shorts.  You could also try different shapes to see what works with your body type and style; military-style caps, wide sunhats, and boater hats are all on-trend options.

If you’re uncomfortable about a lack of hairline showing, then a head-scarf underneath your hat may be a good (though warm) choice.  You could also, of course, wear the head-scarf on its own, tied in a chignon, bow, or donut shape.  A fun print (like this monotone faces print) can look summery or sophisticated depending on how you tie it.  Here is a video showing 3 variations of tying a head scarf and here is a list of links to other headscarf-tying resources.  If you’re daring, you could also try a turban, though you’d have to pick and choose your coordinating outfit carefully to avoid it looking too matronly.

A cloche is always a great option since it covers your head completely, though they’re often made of felt and may be too warm for summer.  A cloche-shaped straw hat, though, has a slightly retro-feminine feel to it, and looks super-sweet with any casual, breezy outfit.  As the weather cools down you can also go for bucket-shaped and fuller hats made of thicker materials.  Small details like ribbon trim, a flower or rhinestone clip, bows, or tiny fabric flowers elevate something that looks like you’re desperately trying to cover your head up…to a stylish accessory in your ensemble.

Excellent sources of such accoutrements (besides the obvious like department stores or boutiques) are places that specialize in headgear for people who have suffered hair loss for medical reasons, like chemotherapy, alopecia, or trichotillomania.  Headcovers Unlimited and Hat, Scarves, and More are two great online places to start.  (The reversible soft hats from Just In Time are super-chic too!) And since I’m suck a DIY maniac, I might try my hand at sewing up my own head-covering, choosing from the wide variety of patterns for hats and scarves from Brimming with Love.

As always, the more confidence you have, the less people will notice any lack of hair – and most people will just assume any head-covering is part of your stylichly chic ensemble anyway!
Best of luck-

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