Free Holiday Edition of Nuno Magazine with Ideas for Decor and Present Wrapping!

Nuno Magazine is a quarterly digital publication that showcases craft projects and creative ideas, all of which are eco-friendly, recycled, or upcycled. Its projects have an indie, homemade, Anthropologie-style feel to them, and they’re a great idea if you want to add some decor or try something different wrapping your presents this evening.

The PDF download for the full-length magazine is $5.00, and you can buy their latest issue (and back-issues) here.

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DIY: Super-Easy $5 Holiday Wreath (from Present Bows)

Have a couple bows left over after the wrapping-extravaganza?  Have a whole bunch ripped off of presents in the aftermath?  Craft a smaller, point-ier wreath as a counterpoint to a larger piece…as your final Christmas handmade project.  I got all my materials at the Dollar Tree, so it only cost me $5 to make – but it’s also a great way to recycle those bows from presents if you don’t want to re-use them next year.  Here’s how:

You Need:

*2 packages of small stick-on pointed bows
*one larger stick-on bow
*1 small wreath base (styrofoam)
*red ribbon

*glue gun & gluesticks


1. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to hang the wreath.  Wrap it around the top of the wreath base and secure with glue.

2. Glue the small present bows onto the base, filling the base up completely and staggering them to cover any gaps.

3. Glue the largest bow top center onto the red ribbon.

4. Tie the ribbon to a wreath-hanger or hook to display.

 DIY Tutorial for my Super-Easy $8 Holiday Wreath (the larger wreath, pictured above) is here.

Happy DIY’ing…and Merry Christmas!  Hope it is wonderful!


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