Objects of Desire: Fall 2011

1. OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow Nail Lacquer / 2. Ya Los Angeles Just Enough Sparkle Top / 3. Fred Flare Message in a Bottle Necklace / 4.  Victoria’s Secret Wool Trenchcoat / 5. Hue Super Opaque Tights in Mustard / 6. B-Bonj Color-block Knit Cardigan / 7. Promise Davinci Open Toe Colorblock Platform Pump / 8.  Mauve-ing On Up Velvet Purse / 9.  Camel Box Pleat Mini Skirt /10. My Pet Square The Brown Eyed Girl Dress

Summer is almost over, and Fall is quick on its heels!  I always feel blindsided by Fall, because living here in Portland it doesn’t get into hot, sticky summer until the last couple weeks of August/first couple weeks of September.  You’re like, “Summer’s finally here and I can break out my shorts!!” and then the next thing you know it, it’s September and everyone’s talking about Fashion Week and Fall trends.

This year we’re seeing a pretty, preppy ladylike leaning to the essential Fall wardrobe: charcoal and camel, punctuated by evergreens, plums, teals, and…mustard?!  At first I was fairly put off by this color but I have to admit this sophisticated color palette is growing on me.  In any case, here are a couple things that are on my wishlist once the weather here catches up with the actual calendar.  (And how about that Message in a Bottle Necklace for a quick DIY??!)


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