DIY: $4 Easter Wreath

I meant to post this yesterday so you’d have time to try this before Easter, but I fell asleep early and slacked a little bit.  If you decide to make this, I hope it’s still in time!  (Sorry about that.)

I saw this lovely Easter wreath at Target, but since it was $19.99 (and similar ones were equally-priced at Jo-Ann’s)…you can guess what went through my mind.

DIY it for less!

So a quick trip to the Dollar Tree later, about 10 minutes assembling it at home with Lil Tot, and now I have an Easter decoration I’m really proud of.

How to Make a $4 Easter Wreath

You Need:
*1 pack of Dollar Tree plastic Easter Eggs (I found some pretty pastel speckled ones)
*2 Dollar Tree leafy garlands
*1 Dollar Tree wreath base (I chose a medium size)

*floral wire (or any thin, bendable wire – you may be able to get at the Dollar store, though I didn’t look)
*hot glue and glue gun


1. Hea t up your glue gun.

2. Using lengths of wire, attach one leafy garland around the perimeter or your wreath base.  (I circled the wire around the garland + wreath, and tied the ends like a twist-tie, twisting multiple times until it was secure.  Then I folded the cut ends of the wire in-between the wreath wicker pieces so there were no sharp edges sticking out.)

3. Add the second leafy garland around the wreath, paying attention to any bare spots left by the first.

4. Close all the plastic eggs.  Squeeze hot glue onto an egg; press egg onto wreath in order to camouflage a wire tie.

5. Continue with all the eggs, paying attention to color, placement, and angle.

You’re done! Hang somewhere and admire.:-)

Since I got the eggs, 2 garlands, and the wreath at the Dollar store (and already had hot glue, wire, and wire cutters on hand), the project cost me a total of 4 DOLLARS.

You could also, if you were particularly enterprising, paint a layer of clear or pastel glitter on your eggs to make them even more like the $19.99 Target/Jo-Ann version.


Happy DIY’ing!

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