DIY Healthy Natural Coconut Oil Stick Deodorant

0.diynaturaldeodorant_introI ran out of my old deodorant awhile ago, and was wondering what to do about it. I had been hearing a lot about “natural” deodorants, and wondered if they worked any better than store-bought.  With all-natural ingredients and no aluminum, they are undoubtedly better for you.  I found some links to various recipes here, changed some ingredients to create a stick-type product, and decided to try my hand at making my own DIY version.  Here’s how:

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Get Your Arms Ready for Sleeveless Season with Dove

I’ve never thought of my underarms as particularly attractive.  Though I have major and minor quibbles with many of my bodyparts, I’ve always felt a little bit embarrassed about my underarms.  Stubbly, sticky, bumpy, red…definitely not my best feature.:-/

So I was thrilled to hear about Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant, that softens and smooths this hard-to-beautify area of the body.  I’ve been an avid Degree clear user for years, since I hate white mess on my clothing and tend to have very damp underarms year-round. (ew) Many deodorants just aren’t strong enough to combat this problem for me.

But the problem with Degree is that it’s so strong, it leaves a thick residue on me that numerous washings just can’t seem to remove completely.  My underarms always feel like they’re coated with something, even after scrubbing in the bath at night – and all that scrubbing makes my skin rough, red, and tortured.

When I received Dove deodorant in Nourished Beauty, I couldn’t wait to try it.  Upon application, the smell is a bit strong – kind of like baby powder with some added perfumes.  But the smell fades fairly quickly, and I was surprised how even after 2 days of applications, my underarms felt…well, smoother.  This may be TMI, but you know how those little bumps form in horizontal lines across your underarms the day after you shave?  Strangely, this time around they were much smaller/flatter for me, and were not red at all.  My underarms are looking better than they ever have…and though I never really thought about making them “pretty,” so to speak – whatever’s in this deodorant (extra moisturizers and Vitamin E and Vitamin F, according to the label – wait, there’s a Vitamin F??  Essential Fatty Acids, apparently), have really smoothed this area out!  Plus it keeps underarm dampness at bay, even when I’m working out, and leaves no powdery residue when I wash off in the bath.  I can raise my arm now that I’m SURE! (LOL) – that Dove has done its job.;-)  (I know you’ll all be checking out my underarms in the top photo – I did no Photoshopping precisely because of that!  The photo below looks…well…a little airbrushed IMHO…)

So anyway to get the word out about this new deodorant Dove has teamed up with the stylish Jessica Szohr (of Gossip Girl-fame), to inspire women to get more beautiful underarms and Go Sleeveless with Dove.  As part of this campaign, you are invited to design your own sleeveless top with the Go Sleeveless Fashion Challenge app on Dove’s Facebook page, where you can also view the sleeveless top gallery and vote on your favorite designs.  By submitting a unique design, each participant will automatically be entered for a chance to win a New York City shopping trip with Jessica Szohr worth $5,000!

Design Your Own Sleeveless Top Here

(Entries accepted until May 27, 2011 – so get them in now!!)

According to a recent study, nearly 100% of women surveyed think their underarms are unattractive, and more than half of

these women say the condition of their underarms affects their wardrobe choices.


The above statistic had me amused, because I’d be willing to bet that most women’s first reaction when being asked if they thought their underarms were beautiful was probably “Um, I never really thought about it.”;-)  Regardless of whether you’ve ever considered the question of Pretty or No? when it comes to your underarms, now you can have a chance to try this deodorant and see if it really, truly makes a difference.  (It improved my skin and deodorant build-up issue for me…now if it could only do something about visible stubble!;-)

The PR company who is working with Dove is generously offering full-sized samples of Dove’s new Go Sleeveless deodorant to U.S.-based Chic Steals readers – just leave a comment with your email address on this post and I’ll pick 4 comments at random after next Tuesday (May 31, 11:59 PM PST).

Leave your email address below for a chance

to try out the new Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant!

FTC Disclosure: I received a full size of Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant, and am being provided with 4 samples for my readers.  I have not received any cash or compensation for this post; the above is my honest opinion and review of the deodorant.  To read my full Disclosure Policy, see here.


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