Wigs.com 5-Day Sale: Get Your Own Clip-In Bangs for 25% Off!

Some of you may have noticed the clip-in bangs I wear often – I love them soooo much!

They’re so easy to attach – feel incredibly realistic – give me full, luscious bangs without the commitment – and the color is a perfect match for me!  They’re actually from the Hairdo line by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves – and I couldn’t be happier with the quality (and the price – a mere $29!!)

I bought mine from Wigs.com (color: R29S) – and paid full price…but for the next 5 DAYS they’re having a site-wide sale and you can get these bangs for yourself for only $21.75!

I also scooped up the Wrap-Around Pony [tail] at the discounted price…can’t wait to try this style out as I’ve been dying to do a long, sleek ponytail (and my hair is still a little too short to do this).

But of course, anything you buy at Wigs.com is subject to 25% off!

Just enter APRILSALE at checkout to receive 25% off all products!!

Valid until Tuesday, April 19.


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