Inspired Alert! Newport-News Ruffled-Front Sandals

I’ve been hemming and hawing about DIY’ing these lovely ruffled Christian Louboutins for awhile.  It would be so simple to curl and fold up a piece of leather, creating those frills, and stitch the bottom onto a “pad” that you could tie on or clip on to the front of your sandals..

Well, now there’s no need to since Newport-News has come out with their version.  Besides the fact that the NNI version is faux leather and they do not have a top strap, the frilly part certainly looks a lot cheaper than the original since (likely in order to save on production costs) they’ve used a double-layer of vinyl simply glued together.

Whereas the Loubs use a double layer of leather, edges folded in and topstitched.  It’s a minuscule little detail (along with the strong shine of the faux leather) that is a dead giveaway that these are fakies.

However, once there’s a pretty good replica of a designer item put out there by some mass-market brand, I lose interest in DIY’ing it.

Materials for the ruffle + time trying to find the materials + time executing it + possible mishaps/mistakes with working with thin leather and topstitching it = $$$$

(close enough to $59 that bothering with the DIY seems like a waste.  But it certainly could be done should you want to.)

And if you wanted to buy these shoes from Newport-News or Spiegel (sadly, only camel or black is available, not the lovely orangey coral color)…

you can buy them here for $59.

What do we think?  Chic…or just CHEAP?



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Christian Louboutin Barbie Available at Net-a-Porter

Bwahahaha! Now I’ve seen everything! If you want your very own Barbie doll with Christian Louboutin-designed accessories, she’s available for $150 from Net-a-Porter. She even comes with those strappy super-spiked heels I did a DIY of last week!

Is it wrong that I kind of want this Barbie? 😉 (Just to play with a couple times, not to keep LOL.) This is definitely not a toy for little ones, though (I am amused by the fact they don’t have an “Ages x and up” disclaimer on Net-a-Porter.) I love all the little accessories…Mattel never bothered to think that realistically in designing Barbie’s shoes n stuff. Not liking the catsuit – would be much better in a long trench, oversize sunnies, and a Marc Jacobs dress. Or Rodarte sweater!! Now that would be a Barbie I buy.

-Carly J. Cais

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Don’t Buy, DIY: Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Super-Spiked Heels

This was a lo-o–ooooong time in coming. Hope you guys didn’t get bored waiting!:-)

The highly, highly coveted Christian Louboutin for Rodarte spike heels – only sold for a short time at Christian Louboutin boutiques in Fall of ’08, never showing up at Net-a-Porter, not ever appearing on eBay. Victoria Beckham even stepped out in the gorgeous gold ones below. But how to get a pair for oneself?


The RedSole version.

Of course, you could always fork over $188 for the black knockoffs over at RedSole (or here for the gold ones, pictured above). They’ve changed that texturized (Swarovski-encrusted?) area on the toe to snakeskin, and the heel isn’t as high or as skinny, but it’s a fairly good knockoff…if you want to pay $188.

(source: Fashion Mongers)
You could always DIY your own following the instructions at Fashion Mongers here for a similar style also in the Rodarte line.
But I wanted the exact same style as the shoes above on the right, butin black- and I haven’t found any DIY tutes out there on the Internet yet (correct me if I’m wrong!:-) So here ya go – step by step!

I have to break the process into multiple steps, since this is quite long though not excessively complicated. So, in 4 Parts:

To DIY Your Own Pair of Rodarte Spiked Heels You Will Need: (after the jump)


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