DIY Butterfly-Embellished Tanktop: Create Couture Challenge

Another project I submitted for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge.  (I’m getting around to posting them all…sloooowly….)

You Need:


*Large Iron-On Butterfly
*Mini Gold Pyramid Studs
*Large Gold Pyramid Studs

Additional Tools/Materials:

*1 tanktop (mine is Converse One Star Women’s Tanktop in White from Target)
*iron & ironing board

[prep: wash and dry tanktop to remove sizing and chemicals]

How to:

1. Iron Butterfly applique on to tank.  (Iron on medium setting by pressing on the applique for 10 seconds, then iron slowly, using pressure, in vertical passes over applique until it is fused to the fabric.)

2. Add studs to shirt, pushing prongs through fabric, and using pliers to fold prongs over on the inside.

And that’s it:-)

I’m all a-flutter in this cute little tank!


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