Bling Strands: Chic or Cheap?

The new wave of extensions for 2009: shiny, holographic Bling Strands that add a metallic sparkle to your hairstyle.Very simply tied on to your hair at the root (the same as your average hair extensions), Bling Strands come in 15 colors and cost about $2 – $4 a strand for a salon to add them to your hairstyle. Find a list of participating salons here. (The average hairstyle uses about 10-15 strands, just to give you an idea of the cost involved.) They last about 4 weeks (depending on how often you shed hairs), can be shampooed and styled with regular products, and can be blow-dried, curled, and flatironed as long as you follow the directions.
Find out more about the product on their website.
It seems a good idea in theory, and maybe more geared to cheerleaders or people performing onstage – not the average woman. I’m not sure about you, but to me, on the elderly lady they make her look like she’s trying out for the Ice Capades. The only style I really like is the punky one with the woman who has the coppery color in her bangs – the rest remind me too much of some limited-edition Bratz doll or something. (I think I’d be digging them much more if the strands were purely metallic, not holographic-print.)
What do you guys think? Chic – or cheap?

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