Happy Birthday, Lil Tot! 4 years of DIY Boy-Themed Birthday Cakes

It was my son (AKA LIl Tot)’s 6th birthday on Friday.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 6 years since he was born and he is now a robust kindergartner.  I never imagined myself having a child in kindergarten!  This year just seems like a huge milestone, marking the end of his babyhood and beginning of the next stage of his life.

Each year I do my best to create a cake based on his favorite toy-of-the-moment.  I just used a boxed cake mix, but the decorations are an opportunity to flex my creative skills.  And he just loves Beyblade, so this year was a Beyblade cake, decorated with real Beyblades, sprinkles, and a Lego audience.

Last year I made a Mario Kart cake with details I created in rolled fondant; some molded over marshmallows, and the Mario Kart toys attached to the top of candy dispensers.

His 4th birthday cake was Lightning McQueen out of a specially-shaped cake mold; the first time I ever worked to tint icing black.  Which makes, incidentally, very nasty stuff.

And for his 3rd birthday I made a cake train diorama, with decorated cakes made with another specially-shaped train cake pan, wheels from Junior Mints, and trees made from cake baked into cake cones.  Ice cream cakes!

(For his 1st and 2nd birthdays, I just bought his cake.)

I wonder what next year will be?

Have you even made a themed cake for a little boy?  How did it turn out?  Do tell!!

Happy Birthday, Lil Tot!


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