Christian Louboutin Barbie Available at Net-a-Porter

Bwahahaha! Now I’ve seen everything! If you want your very own Barbie doll with Christian Louboutin-designed accessories, she’s available for $150 from Net-a-Porter. She even comes with those strappy super-spiked heels I did a DIY of last week!

Is it wrong that I kind of want this Barbie? 😉 (Just to play with a couple times, not to keep LOL.) This is definitely not a toy for little ones, though (I am amused by the fact they don’t have an “Ages x and up” disclaimer on Net-a-Porter.) I love all the little accessories…Mattel never bothered to think that realistically in designing Barbie’s shoes n stuff. Not liking the catsuit – would be much better in a long trench, oversize sunnies, and a Marc Jacobs dress. Or Rodarte sweater!! Now that would be a Barbie I buy.

-Carly J. Cais

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