Hi friends!

We’re almost 2 weeks into 2017 – and already I can tell this year is going to be waaaay better than 2016. I’m so excited to make it the Best. Year. Ever! How about you?

Tomorrow I can’t wait to launch something I’ve been working on for quite awhile:

10 Days to Kickstart Your Creativity

Ever wanted a creative boost to start off the month with a bang? Sign up for 10 Days to Kickstart Your Creativity – a free daily email jam-packed with helpful tips and tricks to get your brain revved and ready for new ideas.

Even if you think “I’m not creative at all!” – or if you feel you’ve hit a roadblock and need a mental refresh – 10 Days to Kickstart Your Creativity will start your month off right and reset past burnout to get those neurons firing again.

This is a 10-day series of emails expressly designed to fire up those creative neurons, reframe your thinking, and supercharge your creative skills.

I hope you’ll sign up so I can share these fun tips, tricks, and activities with you. Let’s explode our creativity together!

It’s totally free; no obligation. Emails begin January 15, for the next 10 days. If you’re a regular subscriber to the RSS feed – you won’t be getting this exclusive series, unless you sign up below:

Edit 1/15: Registration for 10 Days to Kickstart Your Creativity is now closed. I’ll be opening it up again in the future, so please check back!

Hope to see you there!






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