littlewarrior_marchplaylist_chicstealsMy dear friend Lex Casciato, AKA Little Warrior, is an amazing musician and up-and-coming tour de force in the world of music. She is a regular contributor to Chic Steals, curating monthly original playlists for your to stream on Spotify, add some background music to your space, mellow out to, listen to while working on your latest DIY project, and add a little music into your life.

Here’s what she says about this month’s playlist:

They say March roars in like a lion, so to balance the roar, I love listening to acoustic and calming music. I find March to be a time of reflection. (But who am I kidding… I love introspection year ’round. Nonetheless…) As I struggle to adapt to darker mornings and brighter evenings, I find myself needing balance and restoration. I desire to purge things from the prior year that I seldom used, clean house, revamp my quarterly goals, and switch up my music selection. I created this playlist with this sort of mental and physical spring cleaning in mind. May this selection of songs help to channel the roar of March’s lion into a megaphone for your wildest goals, showing you your full potential for the season of growth we are entering.

Little Warrior

Listen and enjoy!

Listen to Chic Steals March 2014 Acoustic Spring Playlist by Little Warrior

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Chic Steals February 2014 Love Playlist by Little Warrior



littlewarriorinstagram_marchDescribed as Portishead and Oh Land meet David Bowie and the Chemical Brothers around a campfire with a drum machine, Little Warrior‘s music advocates peaceful revolution and equality for all. Active on social media, she posts inspirational quotes and upbeat ideas, spreading positivity through images and music.Find her on: Bandcamp / CD Baby / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr



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