chicstealsoctoberplaylist_littlewarriorMy good friend Lex Casciato, AKA Little Warrior, is an amazing musician and up-and-coming tour de force in the world of music. She is a regular contributor to Chic Steals, curating monthly original playlists for your to stream on Spotify, add some background music to your space, mellow out to, listen to while working on your latest DIY project, and add a little music into your life.

Here’s what she says about this month’s playlist:

This month, I was inspired by my youthful interpretation of October: starry nights and crisp air. Anytime I notice myself getting too stressed or moving to quickly through life, I find solace in the sky. Immediately I am brought into the present moment. It amazes me how simply looking up at the vast expanse above the clouds and in the stars can make one feel so grounded. While it seems we could feel so small looking at the glitter of stars in the night sky, I feel strangely connected and protected. With all of this in mind, I compiled this playlist for you to find solace in the present moment. What do you want to accomplish this month and what has been keeping you from that? Take a moment to gaze as the stars at night and wish upon those shooting stars. You never know what magic could happen this month, so why not dream big?

<3 Little Warrior

Listen and enjoy!

Listen to Chic Steals October 2013 Stargazing Playlist by Little Warrior

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littlewarriormanifestoDescribed as Portishead and Oh Land meet David Bowie and the Chemical Brothers around a campfire with a drum machine, Little Warrior‘s music advocates peaceful revolution and equality for all. Active on social media, she posts inspirational quotes and upbeat ideas, spreading positivity through images and music.

Find her on: Bandcamp / CD Baby / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr



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