Hi all! I am so ecstatic to announce that our promotional video for Modify Watches is now LIVE on Chic Steals’ official Youtube channel (if you’re not a subscriber, please subscribe – I’d love to see you there and there are many more videos coming soon)! Check it out above, and let me know what you think – any feedback is welcome 🙂

Also, it took a team of talented, dedicated professionals to bring this to life. We would LOVE it and be so grateful if you could help by sharing as far and wide as possible. Click, watch, like, thumbs-up, share – anything will help get the word out and bring recognition to those who spent their time and skills working on this.

Thank you so much to Modify Watches, the awesome production team I worked with, and you, my readers, for being a part of this!

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AND…as a special thank you to all my readers, you can now get 15% off any order at Modify! Which Mod (face + band combo) is totally YOU? Check them all out here:

Get 15% off at ModifyWatches.com with Code CHIC15


P.S. And for those interested in all the fashion and specific Mods featured in this video, stay tuned – I’ll have a post coming soon with a complete breakdown + links. 😉


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