0.diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_introphotoThe next part of my 1 Week of Halloween DIY series is focusing on the indoor decorations. I’ve already got the front porch looking season-appropriate with DIY Stenciled Halloween Pumpkins (3 Ways), now I want to decorate my walls. 2 spooky DIY pictures fit the bill, using decoupage paper and cut-outs to make it quick. Use pre-made frames for an even bigger time-saver! Here’s how:

You Need:diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_materials

eyeball paper cut-outs (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Paper Cut-Outs eyeballs in 3 sizes)  /  crow paper cut-out  (from Martha Stewart Decoupage Cut-Outs pack again)  /  2 pieces of white cardboard  /  2 wooden decorative frames (found in the woodworking section of the craft store)  /  black paint (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in Beetle Black)  /  decoupage paper (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Paper in black spiderweb)  /  decoupage medium (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage in High Gloss Finish)  /  pen  /  paintbrush  /   glue  /  scissors

How To:

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step8 1. If your frames are unfinished, paint them with black paint. Allow to dry.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step1      2. Place a frame on the back of the cardboard and trace the opening.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step23. Cut out the cardboard piece about 3/8″ or so around the outside of the rectangle you drew. Trace around this onto the other piece of cardboard, and cut out.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step34. Spread decoupage medium on the front of one piece of cardboard.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step45. Affix the spiderweb paper on top of the cardboard.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step56. Cut out from the rest of the paper.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step67. Spread a coat of decoupage medium on the top of the paper, and place the paper cut-out/s on top while still wet. Allow to dry.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step78. Follow up with 2 more coats of decoupage medium on top, allowing to dry in-between each coat. Repeat for the other piece of cardboard and paper cut-out/s.

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step99. Spread a thin line of glue around the edge of the cardboard, and glue to the frame. diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_step10Allow to dry. diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_done3And that’s it! Hang from the walls with removable 3M decoration tape, and give your home a creepy flair in a flash! diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_done1I personally hung them above my fireplace mantel…which I’ll be decorating further with another DIY project coming tomorrow!)

diydecoupagedcutoutpictures_done2Want more Halloween projects? Try yesterday’s project, DIY Stenciled Pumpkins, and Wednesday’s project: DIY Spooky Gothic Eyeball Brooch.

Happy DIY’ing!


FTC Disclosure:  I received a box of craft supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts for a paid post (posted here). This post was not part of the paid campaign, and I was not compensated for this post. All opinions above are my own. For my full Disclosure Policy, click here



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