Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

A silly photo from work last week; I’m just playing on the photography cyc.  Man, does it need to be re-painted!!

I have had a completely perfect holiday – and all because Lil Tot has been sick with a cold since last Sunday.  Which sounds completely horrible to write.

I’m not rejoicing that he’s been sick; but because he’s had to stay inside I’ve canceled all the birthday parties and events we’ve RSVP’ed to, and spent a wonderful 4 days cooped up at home.

I can’t remember the last time I did that!

I felt like I really needed this indulgence, because the next 2 weeks are going to be utterly crazy for me.  I’m not sure how I’ll survive until Dec. 8, since I have about 5 HUGE things happening Dec. 5-Dec 7.  If I can only get through the next two weeks in one piece…

But over this Thanksgiving break I’ve gotten a solid 9-10 hours of sleep a night, cuddling with poor Lil Tot as he hacks away.  Thanks to all the rest I’ve been able to avoid getting what he got (though Hub got it instead of me; a rarity).  While being at home I’ve gotten a head-start on holiday DIY’ing, holiday baking, holiday decorating, and we even took a family photo for our Christmas card. 

My latest DIY recipe for a delicious holiday treat…will be sharing soon!

I’ve read some piled-up magazines and even got halfway through a favorite book of mine (and I haven’t read a book in ages!)  I cleaned up all the dead debris in the garden.  I’ve declared a moratorium on my computer and used it as little as possible these past couple days…and in fact, today I just opened it 10 minutes ago.  I’ve stayed away from browsing on the Internet and kept mindless TV programs off.

Getting back to crafting – yay!

Instead, I’ve played a ton of board games with my son, taught him some new card games (and gotten a little too hooked on Klondike solitaire, unfortunately;-), played Wii party with him, read him stories, and even done some kiddie crafts with him (we made a prince marionette based on instructions here!).  With the whole family home (and 2 members sick), we’ve all been taking it easy and re-connecting.  I’m also on cloud 9 because I FINALLY cleaned out my DIY supply drawers that I have not gone through in FIVE.YEARS.  It was a huge mess, and I feel so much calmer for tackling it.

Lil Tot is finally almost completely better so will be heading back to school tomorrow, and Hub and I go back to the daily grindstone.  But all in all, I couldn’t have wished for a better Thanksgiving holiday.

Do any of you “re-charge” by un-plugging and spending time with family?  What’s your secret to finding that balance?



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