I feel like I’m regressing.  Suddenly interested in character tees (perhaps fueled by my recent trip to Disneyland in early August), this (Topshop I think?) sweatshirt caught my eye while scrolling through all the pretty goodies on Fashiolista.  (Follow me there!  I have neat unique finds from Japanese shopping sites in my profile too!!)

But back to this shirt: totally DIY’able…just choose your favorite character’s face (Sailor Moon!)…or celeb’s photo (Marilyn Monroe!)…or random image (a flying seagull!)…which you can convert to squares by eyeballing it.  Or super-accurately using Photoshop.  Or try the online version of The Pixelator and download your creation for reference.  Then apply the cut fabric squares using the Heat-n-Bond applique technique I shared here.  (Or even trace your image onto your shirt and color in with Fabric Paint!)

However you do it, I think it would be pretty cool…and a great way to use up scrap fabrics!

Happy DIY’ing!




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