Ooooh, I’m so upset I missed this!

Though Easter is long since over, here are some lovely Easter eggs designed for by some brands you may have heard of…like Chanel, Jason Wu and Rag & Bone.  The assortment uses materials such as buttons, glitter, quartz spikes, lilac flowers, washi paper, and lace to embellish a variety of eggs ranging from ostrich eggs to chocolate to papier mâché to local certified organic hen’s eggs.  (I’m partial to the glowing gold egg and the rocker-style biker chic egg with its own mini-jacket myself!)  Check out the pretty and file away in the DIY inspiration file for next year…

Designer Easter Egg Slideshow at

Which one speaks to your inner fashionista?

And if you’re wanting even more ideas to store away for 2012, there’s always Martha Stewart’s Gallery of Easter Egg Ideas. (62 of ’em!)



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