Well, since there were only 3 projects submitted to my last DIY Roundup, they’re all everyone’s favorites!  I had a great time visiting all your blogs and checking out your pieces.  You’re all so creative!  Here they are, just to recap:

Katarina from She sells sea shells made an amazing statement necklace, inspired by Lauren Manoogian’s designs.  You’d never think that this beautiful piece was crafted from paperclips and textile tape!

#2: Monika’s Plait Scarf
I tried very hard to find this tutorial; I really did.  There’s no direct link to it, the forum is in Polish, and the site won’t let me search through anything without logging in.  What I can tell from the thumbnail is that it looks like a braided rug.  If anyone had any more success with finding this tutorial, I’d love to link to it! 
Edit 1/20: Monika left a nice comment on this post explaining that it was a plait scarf project that she had finished but hadn’t linked a tutorial to it.  Sorry I thought it was a rug – it looks very sweet all the same!!:-)
Teresa crafted her own pair of glitter heels: a breathtaking modern version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  (The trick is to use tacky glue and spray adhesive – and you have yourself a pair of shoes that could rival the coolest Louboutins!)

Thank you so much for sharing everyone!

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