Still stuck for something to wear – TOMORROW NIGHT??!  (*gulp*)  Here are a couple ideas that you could make from items that are perhaps already in your closet…or that are available at many stores for cheap:

From What I Wore, Jessica put together a list of her costume ideas from years past:

From, here are some DIY Kid’s Costumes…that could be easily adapted to an Adult version:

On there’s a million iterations of Lady Gaga costumes (including many fabulous by user Carleyymaybe it’s just the name that’s making me partial??;-))

Red Lace Costume by user scoochmaroo

And my own 2cents:

DIY Style Blogger

Go as your favorite Style Blogger!  So many people have such signature looks.  A couple photos to get you inspired:

Though you’ll have to wait until Halloween to see what I ended up as;-)

Happy Halloween!

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