Thanks to Rachel of One Pretty Thing, who featured a whole bunch of my latest tutorials and projects.  Plus check them out for tons of Halloween costume ideas, Fall crafts, and awesome tutorials this month!

Aww…thank you!  From Freaky Keen – I LOVE this blog – she does a ton of cool shirt makeovers and it’s so inspirational.  Definitely check it out!

Featured on Vivat Veritas!  I absolutely love her blog – she’s soooo talented, and she sells a line of dresses and accessories on Etsy that are beautiful AND affordable! Check out her shop – it’s amazing! (I’m not responsible for any drool that falls into your keyboard…;-)

I was invited by the crafty and talented Kathryn at KMom14 to play the “Love” Game.  Thanks for the invite!

The rules are:
*Name the person who invited you


*List 1O things you LOVE

1. Chocolate.  In all its forms.
2. My dearest Lil Tot, who means the world to me.  Sweet Packet!
3. The rain.
4. 4 seasons. [I don’t mean the hotel, though it isn’t half bad;-)]
5. Making stuff.
6. Cats.
7. Octopuses.  Adorable!
8. Law & Order: SVU.  Riveting.
9. Spending time with fun, creative, social people.
10. Movie theater popcorn with extra butter.  Yum yum yum yumyum.

*Invite 1O other people to play

I actually don’t want to limit this to just 10 people – so if you’re a reader of my blog, I’m opening it up to YOU!  Let us all know a little more about you by listing 10 things you LOVE on your blog – and tagging more people to do the same.  Spread it a little, spread it a lot – but the LOVE can only multiply.:-)

Featured on Bel Esprit, who made my sexy bustier dress in a lovely pinstripe fabric.  So chic!  (She also made an earlier version in a floral fabric.  Check it out here!)

Featured on ArtPassion’s Facebook page! (I use their pewter fox charms to make my faux fur foxtails that I sell in my Etsy shop.)

I’ve gotten really behind in keeping track of these…if you’ve featured me and I’ve neglected to post it, LMK!

Thanks for all the mentions and awards…you guys are the best!


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