Though I’ve been in Paris (Ah, Paris!) most of this week, I’ve still been surfing the net.  (Not even Paris can keep me from that!)  Here are some DIY- and fashion-related stuff I’ve noticed around the past week…and a couple other links that caught my eye.

*…love, Maegan shows how to transform an old jersey skirt into a scarf/belt/hair-tie.  I just love multifunctionality!

*Got a lot of old books laying around your house?  Flavorwire has some great ideas for what to do with old tomes – rather than having them clog up your bookshelves.

*iartistlondon sells DIY kits for famous art pieces – like that crystal-embellished Damien Hirst skull.  (Though 8,601 crystals seem like an awful lot to have to affix oneself!)

*H&M launched a dress that costs $4.95.  $4.95.  Less than a Value Meal at McDonald’s.  Though the article doesn’t truly quote any H&M sources, whether the company is encouraging disposable fashion with these extremely low prices is definitely food for thought.

*DIY Junk Food??!!  You had me at HELLO!  Videos on make-it-yourself kale chips and Twinkies.  Um, awesome!!  (And I luuuurv making kale chips – and more importantly, Lil Tot lurvs eating them!! As do I.)

*Through I’ve just discovered the blog Between the Lines.  Beautiful photography and DIY tutorials for simple, useful things.  LOVE!

*Twin Rabbits in Cups had both me and my 5-year-old transfixed though multiple viewings.  I love when their nose woffle in sync.  Soooooooooooo cute!  *squeeee*


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