Yup, all TEN of ya:

And #37 (vrtish55)…Random.org really wanted you to win, because it picked you twice!  (How’s that for weird?  Maybe you should go pick yourself up a lottery ticket since luck is on your side today!  {or at least Random.org is :-)}  Just kidding!)  But I promised TEN winners, so I had to re-run the generator – sorry!

So by my calculations the winners are: (emails x-d out to preserve privacy)

#2: EVELYN penguiin.eater@xxxxx
#4: KATHRYN kathrynsprowl@xxxxx
#5: NIIKA face.graffiti@xxxxx
#9: SADIE’S MOMMA ksparham@xxxx
#25: ERIN NICHOLE shortwindedmuse@xxxx
#37: VRTISH55 vickers_73460@xxxx
#40: WENDY13 misswendythirteen@xxxxx
#49: AVO parthgalen@xxxxx
#54: PEGGRADYART peggrady@xxxxx

So PLEASE to help me out a little if you see your name above please please please email me (carlyjcais at hotmail dot com) your full name, mailing address, and phone number from the email you used to enter
(cuz honestly when I agreed to do this giveaway it didn’t occur to me that ten people to follow up with is a major undertaking…yikes!!)

Edit 5/15: I’ve now heard from everyone except Kathryn, Wendy13, vrtish55, and peggradyart.  Please let me know your info!

I’ll be cross-referencing everyone else’s information with your comment etc. so I make sure you’re the same person (at least to the best of my abilities) and then I’ll forward your info onto to the Afaze rep so you can get your bracelet!

Thank you everybody for entering!

P.S. Sorry I had to delete multiple comments – and if any of the winners cannot provide a U.S. address (as stated in the entry requirements), another winner will be chosen in her stead.  Thanks for understanding!


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