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Leggings are actually more difficult to make than one might think…there’s a tutorial here on Threadbanger that teaches you how to make a pair of yoga pants that you can use as reference:


However, what I would add to this is first of all try to find a fabric with a similar amount of stretch and sheen as the leggings you are copying. Different fabrics have different amounts of stretch, which can make or break the fit in something as tight as leggings. Secondly, though the Threadbanger tutorial says to draw a scooped front – actually *trace* the front of the leggings you are copying; don’t draw it freehand. Add about 1 3/8″ above the scooped front and back of the leggings to accommodate a 1/2″ waist elastic; after tracing and cutting out, sew the side seams together and fold the waistband under in order to create a casing (in which you will thread your elastic through). Thirdly, you need to make a front AND a back for your leggings – do not just trace the front as in the tutorial. (The width of the front and the back of your body is NOT equal – your front, side seam to side seam is actually about 1/2″ to 1″ wider than your back.) If your leggings pattern does not reflect this, the side seams can be too far front, resulting in a bad fit. You don’t have to trace onto a piece of paper if you don’t want to; you can just pin your leggings on top of a folded piece of fabric, and trace the shape directly on the fabric.

The leggings I was wearing were a first sample where I was working on the pattern; I found that the fabric was too different from my original pair..it had more stretch, which is why the leggings are baggy around my knees. Usually something tight fitting like leggings will be cut at least 1/2″ smaller in circumference than your legs so that the fabric hugs you.

Edit 4/4: Reader Carolyn noted in the Comments that BurdaStyle also offers a $2 leggings pattern for those who don’t have their own leggings to copy.  Thanks Carolyn!

I hope this helps and you’ll be able to make a pair of your own! Let me know if you have trouble!:-)


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