So, since I never heard from “Deb,” the winner who was drawn the first time around for this giveaway…

I deleted her entries and ran it through again.
And here’s our winner!

Entry #36: Kristen

who wrote:

“i want the pumpkin hunter boots!!”

Hmm. The criteria for entry was “Write what you would pair this scarf with” not “what are you wanting right now.” But I’ll let it slide since I’m in a generous mood this morning…below are the boots Kristen references:
Anyway, Kristen has been contacted to get her shipping information.

Again, thank you to all those who blogged, tweeted (though not a method of entry, sorry!:-( and entered….and sorry Deb…next time leave your email address or make sure it’s in your Blogger profile lest you miss out on a giveaway again!:-)

Have a Happy Monday!


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