I know it’s been a couple days since my last post – which is highly unusual for me – basically I’ve been out for the count, what with jetlag and this evil head cold ganging up on me.

But I’m back! (pretty much.)  I’ve been a bad, bad blogger for the last couple months and haven’t been able to answer my Formspring.me questions as regularly as I would have liked recently.  So I thought, why not do one long post with all the answers in them, sort of like a Final Jeopardy format?  Ready….and….GO!


Hi I loooove the double fringed necklace but where can I find a double chain necklace like the one you used? Do you have any already made for purchase?

Hi there!  I actually made the chain necklace, just with two pieces of chain, some jumprings, and a clasp.  You can very easily make your own – but if you want me to make one for you, let me know at admin at carlyjcais dot com!

Carly- I’m am loving all the fur accents for fall, especially the beautiful faux fur neck scarves that are everywhere. Think you could come up with a diy? I would love to but my sewing machine is broken and there’s no cash for a new one. Thanks in adv

See here for my fabric scarf DIY and …love, Maegan has a faux fur neckwarmer DIY that might be right up your alley!  However, both require sewing (though Maegan’s uses hand-sewing).  You could also just glue a piece of faux fur together after folding it over on itself – fabric glue should do the trick.:-)

Hi carly, I love your blog. And i have a dying question. I can’t find this anywhere on the net so i’m gonna ask you. Is it possible to make a high waist shorts into a mid-waist shorts? Like can you sew/do anything around the crotch area? 😀 Thank you! 🙂

No, I’m sorry – not by altering the crotch area.  I assume you mean by sewing the legs together higher so that the crotch area is correspondingly higher?  Pants/shorts are not cut with enough fabric to extend the crotch upwards – you’ll find you can’t just tack them together at a point higher up and closer to the waistband.  The only thing you could possibly do is remove the waistband from your high-waist shorts and re-attach it lower – though you will have to adjust the fly zipper and your pockets may get covered up by doing this.  Good luck!


Have you heard of the controversy behind the MAC Rodarte Collection? If so, what do you think about it? 

Yes – but as someone who is quite an outsider to the controversy, I’m not sure there’s anything I can add that’s of worth.  From what I gather the sisters Mulleavy were struck by the visual beauty of the city of Juarez and from an outsider’s point of view decided (rather naively) to create a makeup collection inspired by that.  They either failed to research or simply ignore the border town’s history of rape, murder, and serial killings, and general violence towards women.  MAC eventually backpedaled,  apologized, and made a $100,000 donation to a charity that works to better the lives of the women in Juarez, and announced they would donate all proceeds of the collection to the charity as well. My thought is simply inadequate research and general naivete definitely allowed this collection to happen in the first place.

I loved seeing all of your pics of your trip to Japan. What are some different things for sale or customs or ways of life that are different than the US?

My haul from the 100-yen shop last year: 1.) 3 dual-direction zippers; 2.) Paint for ceramics; 3.)Super-long-handled sporks and heart-shaped mini foil cups; 4.) Pack of 3 Jewel-print plastic file sleeves; 5.)Eyelash extensions; 6.)2 double-layered snap-lid boxes and a heart-shaped mirror; 7.) Clear fake nails with rhinestone and glitter art; 8.)Mini-notebook and regular notebook; 9.)Highlighters that draw over an already-highlighted area; 10.) Cute little rhinestone rings on a necklace; 11.)Mini sauce squeezy bottles; 12.) White opaque gluesticks; 13.) Puffy black 3D heart stick-ons, rhinestone variety pack, and 3 packs of mini fake food for all my decorating
needs;  14.) 3 erasers: curry-scented, yakisoba [Japanese chow mein]-scented, and beer-scented.

Gee – don’t get me started!  Different things for sale: lots more “cute” things, with a lot of attention given to detail and appealing packaging, delicious sweets and snacks, tons of nail goods, keychains, stuffed animals, “character goods,” a huge range of beauty products (many designed to give Japanese girls a more “Western” or “foreign” look), bento boxes and goods, tons of intricate crafting supplies…I could go on and on.  If you’re interested in more shopping stuff, check out the Tokyo Shopping and Tokyo Style links in my left sidebar.  Different customs….everything!  Well, I exaggerate.  Japanese people in general are very respectful towards elderly people, very observing of manners, and try to maintain the harmony of the group and smooth social relations, so many customs derive from that.

Name one Amazing thing about you that most people “don’t” know! 

I was in Utada Hikaru’s music video “First Love,” (1998) in the background.  You have to pause it to see me, but I’m there. 

(Ignore the obnoxious gamer promo at the beginning…)  So that’s the video  – if you spot me, I’m the girl with the longish red hair, parted in center, wearing grey skater jeans [that I actually sold about 6 months ago on Ebay, LOL!] with a reflective stripe down each leg and a silver velvet wrap top, dancing in the crowd.

(I’m at the beginning, in the far right of the frame when Utada is sitting and singing – you can see a dark shadow with a white stripe down the legs…and again at the chorus where she sings “Anata dake no basho…” I’m right behind her – and again, to the far right of the frame at about 2:46 just before she sings “I thought I had a place in your heart too” – it’s super-quick!)  Like a “Where’s Waldo?” except this is “Where’s Carly?” ;-P


Hope that answers many of your burning questions!

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