Book Review: Washi Tape Crafts as a Last-Minute Holiday Gift for Your Craft-Loving Friends!

washi-tape-crafts-book-review-cover-chic-stealsThis is such an adorable book, I can’t stop raving about it.

Washi tape has been around forever and I’ve been an avid collector of it for many years, ever since I first spied it while living in Japan 15+ years ago. My stash has grown and grown – and somehow just looking at all those pretty patterns and colors puts a smile on my face.

But what to do with all of that tape? Besides using it on my planners and calendars, I also have been known to use it as home decor on my walls. And wrapping presents of course. But besides that…? I’m kind of at a loss with how to use it in a cute and functional way.washi-tape-crafts-book-review-washi-tape-chic-steals

Enter this awesome book, jam-packed with tons of tutorials and crafts for finally putting that washi tape to good use! With 110 ideas for using your tape (plus 10 original included tape rolls for you to play with!) this book can kickstart just about any project or idea for gifts, decor, accessories, office supplies, kiddie crafts…and on and on and on.washi-tape-crafts-book-review-project-1-chic-steals

Written by the one and only Amy Anderson (of Mod Podge Rocks! fame – and accompanying Mod Podge universe website), the book brings Amy’s whimsical sense of design married to practicality and easy-to-follow step-by-steps.washi-tape-crafts-book-review-project-3-chic-steals

After first laying out basic techniques and skills when working with washi tape like cutting clean edges, creating corners, weaving, punching shapes, and making patterns, the book dives into the projects section.washi-tape-crafts-book-review-project-2-chic-steals

Between Goods and Gifts, Home Decor, Jewelry and Fashion, Holidays and Celebrations, and Just For Fun, there are so many projects to choose from. Though some projects may seem pretty basic (Embellished Envelopes, Photo Coasters, Wall Art) – I guarantee there will be many that make you go “I never thought of that!” and send you scurrying to your tape stash.washi-tape-crafts-book-review-project-4-chic-steals

Some are incredibly innovative, like the Paper Planes Wall Mural, Wishy-Washi Window Blinds, Faux Floor Rug, Headboard, Party Mask, and Faux Floral Bouquet that are so fun to try out.washi-tape-crafts-book-review-back-cover-chic-stealswashi-tape-crafts-book-review-project-5-chic-stealswashi-tape-crafts-book-review-project-6-chic-stealswashi-tape-crafts-book-review-project-7-chic-steals

If you have a craft-loving friend, this book would be an excellent holiday gift for them – and will keep them crafting well into the New Year!

Get Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Ways to Decorate Just About Anything Here

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You can also get in on the washi tape fun at Amy’s website


FTC Disclosure: I received one complimentary copy of Washi Tape Crafts for review purposes. I have not been otherwise compensated for this review. My full Disclosure Policy is here.
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