Show Your Colors – Modify Watches Promo Video is Now Live!

Hi all! I am so ecstatic to announce that our promotional video for Modify Watches is now LIVE on Chic Steals’ official Youtube channel (if you’re not a subscriber, please subscribe – I’d love to see you there and there are many more videos coming soon)! Check it out above, and let me know what you think – any feedback is welcome 🙂

Also, it took a team of talented, dedicated professionals to bring this to life. We would LOVE it and be so grateful if you could help by sharing as far and wide as possible. Click, watch, like, thumbs-up, share – anything will help get the word out and bring recognition to those who spent their time and skills working on this.

Thank you so much to Modify Watches, the awesome production team I worked with, and you, my readers, for being a part of this!

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AND…as a special thank you to all my readers, you can now get 15% off any order at Modify! Which Mod (face + band combo) is totally YOU? Check them all out here:

Get 15% off at with Code CHIC15


P.S. And for those interested in all the fashion and specific Mods featured in this video, stay tuned – I’ll have a post coming soon with a complete breakdown + links. 😉

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Top Secret Project Revealed!

bloggeroutfit As I posted on Facebook earlier today, yesterday we wrapped a full day’s shoot for this amazing promotional video project I’ve been working on. Since mid-December it’s been in pre-production, all in order to showcase this fun and FABULOUS watch brand to a fashion-loving audience. I can’t WAIT to share the finished product with all of you! Yesterday was like clockwork: we had the best crew ever (we’re talking serious film credits here), the GORGEOUS and talented Meredith Adelaide as our actress, a beautiful location just on the edge of the Pearl District, and our Production Designer who whipped a blank slate into a fully-furnished room in just over an hour.

I was posting updates on Instagram throughout the day – you can check some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks out here. What could be better than gorgeous fashion, a fun day shoot, a talented and upbeat crew, and Modify Watches, the BEST COMPANY EVER to partner with to do all this??!

watchesintrayJust look at those colors!! Go Modify!!

Stay tuned for the finished video, coming up soon!


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DIY Pretty Pearl Ring (with Video Tutorial!)

So finally I’ve finished a DIY video for my latest creation: a Pretty Pearl Beaded Ring. It’s taken a super-long time from the planning to the execution to the editing, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of my co-creator, Emily Dokken. (She’s just awesome – she has a discerning eye for framing artistry and a wonderful energy. Check out one of her other videos: Burning the Behemoth on Vimeo…it’s a fascinating story of an artist’s journey to burn his wooden mammoth creation in Washington.)

I had waited to release this video until after I had re-branded with my new logo and everything…plus finding the music took searching through 600+ tracks on the FreeMusicArchive.

Thank you so much, Emily, for your amazing collaboration!

DIY Pretty Pearl Ring

Camera/Storyboards/First Edit: Emily Dokken
Concept/Tutorial/Second Edit: Carly J. Cais

Music: The Easton Ellises ~Dance It Dance All Motel Costes Mix under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Hope you guys enjoy! Leave us your feedback below 🙂


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Portland Saturday Market Hustle & Bustle Fashion Show Video

As some of you may know, I’ve been working part-time at a local video production company and stage rental house.  We did a promo video for the Portland Saturday Market Fashion Show (Hustle & Bustle) last month, and I wanted to share the results.

I did all the titling and motion graphics for the piece, so I’m showing off a bit.;-)

A little bit of Portland fashion for ya.


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