Announcement: I’m Changing my Twitter Username!

Hey everybody – just a quick announcement to let you all know that I’ll be changing my username on Twitter.

Up until now I’ve been @carlyjcais…but that’s my name, not my blog’s.  I figured that would be a little confusing.

So from here on I’ll be


A lot easier to remember, right?:-)

If you’re following me on Twitter, there’s nothing special you need to do.  Everything will be automatically updated in your feeds and my feeds, so no worries.  Just if you want to mention or DM me, it will have to be @ChicSteals from now on!

So sorry for the confusion – I’m still keeping @carlyjcais as my own personal Twitter, but that will be solely for animation- and media-related stuff.  If you’re interested in such things, including the Portland multimedia, animation, and videography scene, please feel free to follow me @carlyjcais for tweets pertaining to that.

See you on Twitter!



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