Chic Tip: Create New Holiday Traditions Around Giving Thanks

As I shared at the beginning of last year, a Gratitude Journal is a wonderful way to be mindful of things to be thankful for – to boost mood and increase happiness – and to stay aware of all of the things in life to be thankful for, despite things not always going our way. Sometimes by the time the day of holiday celebration rolls around we can be completely exhausted from the big flurry of activity getting ready for the occasion – and it can be hard not to lose sight of why we did it all in the first place.

So for this time – and all going forward – I’m proposing a break from the rush of activity and creative exhaustion – to just try to savor and appreciate the moment more, and not push ourselves too hard. To bring gratitude back, and do away with forcing perfect. The holidays particularly are a wonderful time to begin this tradition for your family, friends, and loved ones – and even yourself to gain some peace of mind! Here a few ideas for creating your own tradition for giving thanks:

5 Easy Ways to Create a Holiday Tradition of Giving Thanks

  • Use a beautiful journal, diary, or notebook (try this sequin guestbook one for a super high-end look – or this gold foiled notebook set for chic and simple) and have guests at your special occasion write one thing they are thankful for. Add to it every year, and read previous year’s entries aloud to the new guests.
  • Have each guest write what they are most thankful for on a slip of paper and drop into a vase in the center of the table. Go around the table and have each person pull a slip of paper out and read it aloud.
  • Have each guest write what they are most thankful on the back of someone else’s place card – when your guests sit at the table they will find a secret snippet of gratitude on the underside of their place cards.
  • Having kids at your celebration? Have them each draw or write things they are thankful for onto paper placemats you use for both the kids – and the adults! – at the meal.
  • Before the meal join hands and have each person share something they are grateful about regarding one of the other guests there as a heartwarming start to the celebration.

Do you have any holiday traditions around which you emphasize giving thanks? Please share!


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Inspiration: Great DIY Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

0.diyhostessgifts_introphotoSo next week is the big turkey day – and if you’re spending it at someone else’s home sometimes you want to bring along something to thank your hosts. Since you’ll be saving all that time not having to make the dinner itself, why not create a lovely gift that shows both your creativity and your appreciation for the holiday? Here are some ideas for some great DIY gifts to bring with you to the Thanksgiving dinner:



Everyone could always use more storage, and beautifully-decorated boxes show your thoughtfulness. Left to right, clockwise: Decorative Boxes, Fabric-Covered Boxes, Faux Malachite Boxes



Succulents are a low-maintenance plant that look adorable presented in groups. Left to right, clockwise: Tiny Pinch Pots for Kids, DIY Terrarium, Gold Succulents in Origami Geometric Planters


diyhostessgifts_candlesCandles are a welcome addition to any home, especially ones that smell delicious or look beautiful. Left to right, clockwise: DIY Mini Pumpkin Candles, Modern DIY Candle VotivesDIY Satsuma Candle



Handmade table linens are a unique representation of one’s unique style – and you can use a variety of objects as stamps. Left to right, clockwise: Potato Stamped Napkins, Stamped Table Runner, Apple Stamped Napkins



To add to a festive table, you could make some coasters – adding paint or decoupaged photographs for a personal touch. Left to right, clockwise: DIY Photo Coasters, Personalized Coasters, DIY Leather & Cork Coasters



For a perfect presentation, a serving tray is just the ticket. Touches of gold or punched cork make these look especially chic. Left to right, clockwise: DIY Painted Tray, Punched Cork Serving Tray, DIY Metallic Gold Leaf Tray



Any cook would love a starter mix for some favorite recipes, and these are all fabulous ideas to add to a well-stocked kitchen. Left to right, clockwise: DIY Whole Food Dry Mix Recipes, DIY Spice Mixes, DIY Hot Cocoa Mix and Homemade Marshmallows



Painting plain wooden utensils and bowls is so hot right now – and it adds a pop of pretty color to the table and kitchen. Left to right, clockwise: Painted Neon Utensils, Neon Spoons, Dipped Bowls



If your hosts enjoy a little drink from time to time, it might be superb to gift them with a delicious flavor of homemade spirits. Left to right, clockwise: DIY Rhubarb Liqueur, Infused Vodkas, DIY Coffee Liqueur



To present your thoughtful bottle of homemade alcohol (or high-end wine!) to your hosts, package it in your own homemade wine bag. Left to right: No Sew Felt Wine Bag Tutorial, Recycled Jean Wine Bag, C Wonder DIY Kit

Also! Use the many lovely labels from Lia Griffith for your packaging and tagging for all your gifts – and watch your hostesses’ faces light up with joy upon receiving your gifts!

Do you have any go-to hostess gifts that you always give during the holidays? Please share in the comments below!


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Happy Thanksgiving to All!

img source

If you’re an American, today is T-day [Thanksgiving Day] for you, and you’re likely celebrating it in some way, shape, or form.  Whether you celebrate with immediate family, extended family, friends, or even going solo, I wish you the very best of holidays!  What are you most thankful for?

Thank YOU all for reading, and accompanying me on my blogging journey.  I am so thankful for all of YOU!:-D


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DIY Dollar Store $4 Fall Wreath


So sorry no post yesterday…I actually took Saturday off!  Like, completely off from the blogosphere.  I haven’t done that in a long time.  (Felt a little guilty, though!;-)

But I let it go and had a great day, taking Lil Tot to a birthday party at a really cool community center I’ve never been to before (with a swirly 2-story water slide and multiple fun-showers in the toddler pool!! And free fitness classes!) and then the Oregon Fiber Arts festival, where I bought a huge skein of mohair since I think I’m going to attempt knitting this sweater…and maybe one of these sweaters or dresses too…someday…and Lil Tot petted the many goats, bunnies, and alpacas there.

Now that he knows alpacas are neither caramels nor tax forms nor fish but are indeed animals…they are his favorite animal recently!

They are so adorable, and make this tiny hiiiiiin, hiiiiiiin sound.  I’ve never heard an alpaca cry before.  Lil Tot has even renamed his fave game “Duck, duck, goose!” to “Alpaca, alpaca, capybara!” (and the inclusion of the capybara is an even longer story;-)

But I digress. Even though I didn’t post on my blog yesterday, I still DIY’ed!

Following up on my $4 Easter Wreath that I made for…um, Easter…earlier this year, I decided to hit up my local Dollar Tree once again in order to create a beautiful leafy Fall wreath bursting with color.  It’s soooo cheap, and it will take you 30 minutes, tops!!

Dollar Store $4 Fall Wreath

Project Difficulty:1needle (easy/beginner)

You Need:

*medium-sized wreath base ($1)
*3 leafy garlands ($1 apiece – I chose a variety that had tiny pumpkins, acorns, berries, and wheat sheaves attached)
*floral wire (I had on hand, but I saw it at the dollar store as well)
*wire-cutting pliers
*hot glue gun + gluesticks

How To: (the photos are not of the step-by-step since it’s pretty self-explanatory)

1. Cut a small piece of wire and thread it through the end of one of the leafy garlands.  Twist it around the wreath base and twist the ends together, hiding the sharp ends inside the wreath.

2. Cut more pieces of wire and tie around the leafy garland in various places as you place it in a circle on top of your wreath base.

3. Continue in the same manner until you’ve layered all 3 leaf garlands atop one another, going round and round the wreath circle.


4. Use hot glue to glue down the leaves to hide any of the wire or stems that may show.

Hang up on your front door and enjoy!  The wonderful thing about this wreath is that the color is so vibrant…and it will last FOREVER.  (And that it’s about $15 less than similar decorations you might find at Target…or $30 less than those you might find at Pottery Barn…;-)

Happy DIY’ing and Happy Fall!


P.S. I’m not doing a Style it Chic! post today since I’ve got a huge post with ONE WEEK of styling options coming up…hopefully will post tomorrow…

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