Interview with Tiffany Gong of Six Six Sick

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a well-known DIY diva…and the other day I was able to hook up with Tiffany Gong from the popular Six Six Sick blog (and group of the same name).  Back when I started my own blog, this one was one I was constantly checking – one of the authorities when it came to DIY, fashion, and fun.  Online since 2008, Tiffany and her good friend Christina Rodriguez first launched the blog to showcase their amazing Six Six Sick parties (which won PAPER 2007 Best New Party at the Nightlife Awards), high-fashion DIY’s, and to provide a window into a whirlwind world of New York nightlife, DJ’ing gigs, creativity, and droolworthy indie designer pieces.  The designers launched their jewelry line Triskaidekaphobia together last year, and continue to share their inspirations, ideas, and creations on their blog.

Could you give some background to both of you?  Did you both go to school for Fashion Design?

I actually went to Swarthmore College and studied Art History. After deciding I wanted to change careers and become a jewelry designer, I went back and got an Associates Degree in Jewelry Design at F.I.T.  Christina studied fashion design in college.

When and how did you two meet?

Christina and I met as interns at Anna Sui, and become quick friends from there!

How did Six Six Sick come about?  What were your goals with it?

It’s a very long story, but to be brief, it started as a party at Happy Endings a few years ago that my friends and I threw. We used to make our matching outfits every week for the party, and after a while I thought it would be fun to document the process, and our other DIY projects, so I started the blog. Along the way, it’s become a place to write about our jewelry line Triskaidekaphobia, or whatever I’m passionate about in fashion at the moment, and a place where I can support all my talented designer friends.

Triskaidekaphobia Saw Teeth and Human Teeth Double necklace, available here

You now have a line called Triskaidekaphobia, seen on celebrities and sold at retailers such as Kabiri, Revolve Clothing, and Screaming Mimi’s.  What goes into the design process?

A lot of different things go into the design process, but we start by going to the library and doing research on a theme that we’ve chosen, and then make an inspiration board filled with images surrounding that theme. After that, we start sketching and making the models for the jewelry, which are designed and developed as we go along.

I understand Christina used to have a line called Arms & Armory…could you tell me a little more about it?

Christina still designs the Arms & Armory line separately with her boyfriend James. You can see the collection on her website,
Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Dress

You also showcase a number of independent and emerging designers on your blog.  Any favorites in particular?

I have too many favorites to name, but my two ongoing obsessions are Mary Katrantzou and Rodarte. Also, I have plenty of love for all of my super-talented designer friends, who I will always go out my way to feature on the blog.

Are there certain techniques or details you love in fashion – or replicating in DIY?

As a jewelry designer, I feel like 95% of costume jewelry out there is DIYable and easy to replicate.  DIY clothing projects require a little more time, knowledge and experience to get it done properly. I prefer to do DIYs of things that I know how to replicate proficiently, like knitwear.

How would you describe your style(s)?

I don’t know if I would describe my style in any particular way, except that it is always inspired by whatever I feel particularly into at the moment.  Slightly off-kilter, never perfect.

DIY Gareth Pugh Boots

What camera are you shooting with?

Canon EOS Digtal.

What would be a “typical day” for you?

Since I work for myself, my day and my schedule vary depending on what needs to get done. Typically I meet up with Christina in the afternoon and we work, and then I get my blogging done in the evening. During the week, there are also press events, and of course our own parties that happen at night, and this usually occupies about 3-4 nights a week.

Has blogging helped accomplish things or opened doors that you might not have found otherwise?

While blogging has definitely opened doors and introduced opportunities that probably wouldn’t have been available otherwise, I think the most incredible thing that’s come out of blogging is meeting so many incredible people–particularly other bloggers.  I feel very lucky to be part of a community of like-minded individuals, and have developed some great friendships.

Thanks so much for the interview, Tiffany!

Please check out the Six Six Sick blog if you’d like to know more about up-and-coming designers, visit a number of showrooms and drool at the covetable pieces within, follow Christina and Tiffany to the events and parties they attend, stay abreast of developments in their line Triskaidekaphobia, and devour posts on the most amazing DIYs that they share!



All photos from the Six Six Sick blog and used with permission.

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