DIY Gold-Dipped Wire-Wrapped Quartz Necklace

0.diyquartzgolddippednecklace_introSo, in case you missed being able to attend the Free People Portland x Chic Steals DIY Event over the weekend, here is the tutorial for these pretty wire-wrapped quartz pendant necklaces!  Inspired by the Banjara Wishbox Pendant Necklace available at Free People this Spring, this quartz necklace is fairly quick and easy to make – and looks lovely layered with other necklaces, or all on its own as a standout piece.  Here’s how…z.diyquartzgolddippednecklace_done2

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DIY: Chic Bolo Tie-Style Necklace

           counter-clockwise from top right: Free People Vintage Bolo Necklace ($298), Elliot Atkinson Runway (photo by Morgan O’Donovan for DazedDigital), Egoist Cross Stone Bow-Tie NC (1,995 yen), DIY by me

I am such a necklace person; I always feel naked if I’m not wearing a strand (or two or three) of something metal and glittering at my neck.  But sometimes I want to break away from the something-pendantlike-strung-on-a-chain rut…and the bolo tie necklace is the perfect piece to do that.  Whimsical and retro, this style of adornment has been seen lately in the offerings at Free People and the runway at Elliot Atkinson (and was in countless shops when I visited Tokyo last Summer).  Of course you can find bolo ties on Ebay or thrift shops…but you can also make one that’s all your own quite easily – and from stuff you probably already have in your craft drawer!  Here’s how:

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