DIY Elastic Banded Strappy Sandals

0.diyelasticbandsandals_introphotoWith Summer still in its last throes I wanted to share this quick and easy DIY makeover for sandals with all of you…especially as there is only a few more weeks to wear it before we all start switching over the Fall boots. I’ve seen a lot of sandals that have an ankle strap made of elastic, which is a pretty cool design element, and definitely ups the sexy factor to any shoe. I wanted to convert a regular pair of ankle-strap sandals over to this fun elastic banded-type, which is also a breeze to switch out if you’re looking for a different color or look to the top strap. Just a little bit of hand-stitchery necessary! Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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DIY Fringed Gladiator Sandals: Create Couture Challenge

Yes, another project I submitted for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge back in early August.  I’ll get all of these posted if it kills me!!!

You Need:

*Mocha Suedette Fringe
*Mini Gold Pyramid Studs
*Large Gold Pyramid Studs

Additional Tools/Materials:

*faux suede or leather strappy sandals (American Eagle Tomahawk Beaded Sandals from Payless)
*leather glue
*awl (optional)
*moleskin (optional)

[prep: remove any embellishments from shoes first]
How to:

1. Push studs into the straps of the shoes, using pliers to bend the prongs over on the underside.  If you have trouble pushing the studs through the shoe material, an awl can be helpful to punch holes first.  You can also use small pieces of moleskin on the inside of the shoes if any prongs scratch your feet when you are wearing them.

2. Measure length of fringe needed by wrapping it around top of sandals.  Cut.

3. Apply a thin strip of leather glue to the tops of the sandals, and press the fringe into it.  Allow to dry.

And that’s it!

Gladiatrix, boho, SoCal…however you say it, these sandals are FAB!


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