VMAN Magazine – Shrek of a Guy Spread

I rarely, if ever, cover editorials – and usually not those in men’s magazines…but these advance photos from VMAN (hitting the newsstands on April 20) caught my eye.  Blending a fashion-forward photoshoot with 3D animated characters?  Me liking this advertising gimmick!

From the press release:

This summer, Green is back in fashion.  And with the US release of Shrek Forever After on May 21, everyone’s getting in on the act.

Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth
Styling: Nicola Formichetti (Lady Gaga’s stylist)

I am a bit confused as to what, if anything, the Shrek characters have to do with the editorial…but who cares.  It’s amusing.

What do you guys think?  Complete silliness?

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Guess: Streetwalker Fashion for All

Seriously, what runs through your mind looking at the above ad?
I mean, who is this appealing to?

What does she look like she’s doing?  And where is she going??!
Really, Mr. Paul Marciano!!

I feel that in the past couple years Guess ads are getting more and more…um…skankalicious.   The brand has always been about sexuality – both subtle and overt…but something like this I feel kind of crosses the line, like those American Apparel ads. (warning: semi-NSFW images if you click)

Is this post-feminism at play or just some guy’s misogyny?  (Or being totally out-of-touch with his consumers?)

What kind of woman would buy this?

What’s your take?

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V Magazine – Push It Real Good

I’m sure you guys have already seen this already…but I just love this!  I am such a Child of the 80’s.LOL

Photographer: Josh Olins

Styling: Clare Richardson

Models: Lily Donaldson and Liya Kebede

In the March issue of V MAGAZINE (#64), we are treated to this colorful, graphic, 80’s-inspired style spread with two of fashion’s most famous faces.

From the press release:

Inspired by the famed hip-hop girl group Salt-n-Pepa, this 10-page fashion spread showcases the style that helped propel the female act to fame in the 80’s and 90’s.

No rules, no limits. Grandmistresses of flash Liya and Lily are taking cues from rap’s female greats for an explosion of prints, platforms, sequins, and crimped hair. Yo. Can you handle it?

So colorful. So nuts.  And brimming with ideas for DIY – albeit requiring a little toning down.;-)  Those yellow platform sneaks are reDUNKulous.

How do you guys respond to this?  Is it bringing out the 80’s gal in you?




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Schön! 4 Magazine Online Now

A collaborative effort from the uber-talented folks at Nineteen74, a global professional fashion networking site based in London, Schön! Magazine encompasses exquisite fashion spreads and content.

Ghosts, spirits and the unknown entice you in.

With paranormal activities behind the scenes, the mystical embodies this issue from start to finish. The haunted pursue the living, and the living try to escape from the tormented. Prepare yourself for this supernatural sensation.

This is the magazine you need to read, full stop.

I personally love Schön! because it’s independent (no Conde Nasty here, thank you very much), brimming with creativity, runs the gamut in editorial and photographic styles, and is just amazingly inspiring.  I would love to live in an all-white apartment with glass coffee tables a la Karl Largerfeld and have this magazine casually strewn everywhere, open to a random spread, in order to decorate the void.  Of course, I live in a two-story house with ratty grey carpet casually strewn with diecast cars, Lego pieces, and random bits of plastic the dog has chewed on, so the illusion is destroyed by the intrusion of harsh reality.  But I can still lose myself for awhile in perusing this lovely magazine online.

Read the full magazine online here, or you can purchase and download the PDF for about $7 U.S.

Be drawn in.

-Carly J. Cais

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V Magazine – “Doll Parts” Spread

DOLL PARTS by V Magazine
Photographs by Glen Luchford / Styling by Panos Yiapanis

Natasha Poly, shot by Glen Luchford for the upcoming V MAGAZINE (issue #63). Inspired purely by Hole front woman Courtney Love, Natasha sports textured bustiers, kilts, petticoats and headpieces constructed of toys throughout the spread. Although the release date has yet to be announced, “Nobody’s Daughter,” the fourth studio album by Hole, is set for release later this month. V63 does not hit newsstands until January 14, 2010.
The self-made, rough-and-tumble glamour of Courtney Love couldn’t feel more of-the-moment. In an ode to the queen of grunge, whose album is out this month, supermodel Natasha Poly piles on the ruffles, prints, and girlish fineries of springI’m not sure I agree that Courtney Love’s “rough-and-tumble” is any more “of the moment” than it was when she first rose to fame (I personally love the deconstructed mish-mash that is her “look” most of/some of the time) but I find it amusing that after being a media pariah for so long she’s now being featured again in a spread…well, sort of. Her style is being featured, that is. I wonder why Natasha Poly is playing her rather than Courtney appearing herself? (Maybe an attempt to fashionize someone whose actions are just too controversial for glammed-up photos anymore? An attempt at iconography whereas the musician and paparazzi train wreck that we’re all familiar with defies iconic status and in fact, doesn’t really have a singular style?)

I don’t know, but I’m getting a lot of great DIY ideas just looking at this spread. And Jo-Ann’s sells pre-pleated and ruffled cotton trim – so just think how simple it would be to sew that on to the bodice of a dress like the right one in spread #3! And a crown…made of doll legs. Somewhat disturbing, but yes – this says Courtney Love!

What do you guys think of the spread?
-Carly J. Cais

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