15 Chic and Springy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (With a Little DIY Thrown In!)

1. Butter London Nail Polish in Yummy Mummy, $14

2. Diane von Furstenberg Alana Vintage-Inspired Cat’s-Eye Sunglassesicon, $150

3. Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit, $22.95

4. Celeste Stein Missoni Tights, $19.95

5. Arancia Dolce Sweet Orange Replenishing Bath Foam by Palatium $45 marked down to $27…PSST! Get 40% OFF with code ChicEmpress here, valid until May 13, 2012!

6. Crafting with Cat Hair Book, $15.95

7. Knitted Dove Eyelet Elly Jacket, $88

8. DIY Decorated Basket Handbag

9. Cherry Tangerine Arrangement by Floral Art, $85 (delivery to L.A. area only…or take inspiration from the arrangement and DIY your own!)

10. Cupcake Bath Bombs, $32…or just DIY your own with this how-to: DIY Cupcake Bath Bomb

11. Carol Hochman Rosewalk Garden Bermuda Pajama Set, $59

12. Morning Dew Earrings by JooJooLand, $45

13. Dolce Vita Women’s Nels Flat, $149

14. ASOS Leather Bright Laptop Caseicon, $63.60

15. DIY Flowered Hair Clip

Mother’s Day is just around the corner…are you still looking for the perfect gift for Mom?  I love that this holiday happens to coincide with, so I always match my gift to the lovely, flowery season.  Above is a small collection of ideas for great gifts for the woman close to your heart: from handbags to accessories, bathtime indulgences and clothing, the Mom with a great sense of humor or avid gardener…it’s all there.  Plus, a couple of these ideas are DIY-able…so I’ve just linked to the tutorials.

And for some more DIY home decor inspiration, check this video out for some items that would be great (and easy!) to make for Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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DIY Stenciled Convertible Shopping Tote/Backpack for Martha Stewart Mother’s Day by Plaid

In March I was thrilled to find out I had been selected to participate in the PLAID and Martha Stewart Crafts Mother’s Day Campaign…and would be receiving a GIANT box of crafting supplies to make a DIY gift for Mother’s Day!  I shared an unboxing video of all the generous items sent to me here, and like a giddy kid in a candy store began brainstorming ideas to make something wonderful, beautiful, and special with all my loot.

Then, a week after I received all the supplies, my mother had a stroke and was hospitalized.


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Plaid & Martha Stewart Crafts Mother’s Day Campaign Box Full o’ Supplies Haul Video

I’m so honored to have been chosen to participate in the Mother’s Day Campaign, sponsored by Martha Stewart Crafts and PLAID.   They sent me a HUGE box chock-full of lovely crafting items to create a unique Mother’s Day craft tutorial!

So I made an unboxing video, complete with sound effects supplied by Lil Tot and with Final Cut Pro dropping frames every step of the way due to my slow-as-molasses computer.

The tutorial/s will be posting April 25, so stay tuned!:-D


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Have a DIY Mother’s Day! Flowers n Jars Round-Up

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, probably the biggest question on everyone’s mind is what to get for the mother in their lives.  DIY a lovely gift for a Mom of any age – using fabric and glass, two of the best materials known to the modern gal.  Here’s an internet roundup of some great projects to create flowers that last forever, and beautiful jars to display them in or use as knicknacks around the house:

Happy Together makes a beautiful bouquet out of multilayered fabric flowers by tracing the shapes of store-bought flowers to make a pattern.

If you’d like some patterns for making fabric flowers without having to sacrifice store-bought blooms, I’ve shared a few patterns for a camellia, carnation, dahlia, and lush camellia on my site Chic Steals.


If you’re looking for rose-making how-to’s, here’s a tutorial on DuhBe for a satin rose bloom, a Rolled Fabric Rose tutorial downloadable pdf from Portobello Pixie, and a Tattered Fabric Rose Tutorial from Everyday Chaos.

You can also buy small fabric gifts for Mom (decorative pouches, stockings, scarves, underwear * o * …) and roll them up tightly to make your own rolled rose bouquet, adding straws, wrapped wire, or takeout chopsticks for stems.  (Taking a leaf from Hanky Panky, seen above.)
Now as to what to put your lovely flowers in…

And if you want to go all-out and present in a beautiful vintage-style faux blue mason jar, Bridal Buzz has the how-to for ya.
To take a break from the “must give flowers for Mother’s Day” mantra…what not think a little out of the jar box?  If Mason jars are on your mind, maybe Mom would love this handcrafted terrarium that Craftzine can help you with?

The Home-Made Sun Jar from Instructables user cre8tor is another fabulous use of the jarred variety.

You could also make Freehand Etched Glass Votives, thanks to Instructables user Robyntheslug.
Or, you could make hand-poured candles in jars, courtesy of Centsational Girl.

 Bath Salt Oatmeal Milk and Honey from terrasecrets’ Etsy shop

Bath salts…bath fizzies..bath bombs…lotions…find every single recipe you could ever want for home-made bath & body products at Craftbits.com, and present in a beautiful jar.

 (Nestle Toll House Oatmeal Chip Cookie Mix from VeryBestBaking.com)

Or even a jar of a homemade cookie mix, granola, or hot cocoa might work well for a mother with a sweet tooth.  (Guilty!)  See RazzleDazzleRecipes for a ton of great cookie-mix-in-a-jar recipes.

And isn’t this ingenious?  Cupcake in a Jar recipe, courtesy of MyCakies.Hope that’s planted some seeds for some great DIY ideas for Mom…and if your Mom isn’t the type to swoon over flowers or decorate with jars and knicknacks…well, there’s always a gift card to Amazon.com, right?
Have a Happy Mother’s Day!
top image from stockphotopro.com 

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