Review: SCOUT by Bungalow Tote

SCOUT by Bungalow is a line of colorful, preppy totes, bags, and carry-alls that are heavy-duty enough to take whatever you can throw at them and more.  What differentiates them from other carry-alls on the market are the fashion-forward, bright patterns matched with the incredible durability and functionality of each piece.  The folks over there kindly sent me the Pocket Rocket Tote in the blue Boca pattern to try out and write a review about.

This particular tote isn’t made of canvas (though they do have canvas-material items for sale on the site); it’s made of a super-tough poly material; similar to tarpaulins.  It wipes clean and amazingly resists wrinkling and spills.

It has an inside zipper (perfect for when my bag turns upside-down…which it seems to almost daily!), and has outer pockets, enough to hold 6 bottles.

2 separate handles allow you to carry it as a shoulder-tote or as a carry-all.

I also DIY’d a little preppy initial keychain charm for the handle…DIY tutorial coming soon!

I really like my tote and it’s already survived 2 family trips, stuffed to the gills with drinks, food, and clothing – and looks great paired with a number of different outfits!  If you’re looking for something that looks fun and colorful and can hold all your stuff (and your family’s stuff!) check out SCOUT by Bungalow for the perfect carry-all!  (And they also have storage and decorative options for your house, like their pretty Tabletop Collection – so check them out!)



FTC Disclosure: I was sent one tote by SCOUT by Bungalow as a review item and have received no other compensation.  The opinions in this post are my own.  See here for my Disclosure Policy.

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DIY Basket Handbag Ideas

I love the idea of using a wicker or straw handbag once the weather warms up.  There’s just something about an airy, earthy bag that spells summer to me.  Using a basket as a handbag reminds me of delightful childhood stories, dressing up as Alice, tea parties, picnics on the lawn…And baskets are just about everywhere!  Check out a thrift store or a garage sale for the most affordable baskets imaginable.  (Baskets with built-in lids are a lot harder to find, but they’re certainly out there!)  Craft stores like Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s sell them (but for a lot more than thrift).This scan from the May 2011 issue of Ray magazine presents a wonderful assortment of basket-style handbags…and though the prices are something to gasp at, there are oodles of wonderful DIY ideas in there as well.  Dress up baskets with silk flowers, scraps of lace, purse hardware, pompons, paint, ribbon, or gems, for starters.  Add a satin lining, a dried starfish, a vintage brooch, sequin trim, bows, or even a teddy bear’s disembodied head. (!) I DIY’d a half-moon clutch a couple years ago, by stitching on some puka shells and adding a little tassel pull and braided trim I made from raffia.

So if you can’t find what you’re looking for locally, there’s always Ebay, which is a great source for baskets, straw totes, and wicker clutches.  (Like this one below – which looks oh-so-Chloe S/S 2011!)

The only difficulty is narrowing it down to the one you want!


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Proenza Schouler Complains Target Copied their PS1 Bag

Proenza Schouler PS1 bag on top; Target’s Messenger Bag in Olive on the bottom.  Img source

As you may or may not have heard, Proenza Schouler recently expressed disappointment that Target had begun selling a bag that was similar to their PS1 bag.  From the New York Times blog: “[Proenza Schouler designer Jack] McCollough can understand that people love bargains and knockoffs, but variations, clever or not, rob companies, small companies like Proenza, of opportunities. Reading the post, he remarked, “Yeah, why save up and buy ours when you can buy theirs right away?”

Well, whom is knocking off whom?  And is it correct of McCollough to assume that theirs is the original, and that the Target bag is directly derived from Proenza Schouler’s re-imagining of the standard messenger satchel?

Mulberry Oversized Alexa Bag

Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Flap, $108

Express Top Handle Satchel, $59.90

Aldo Kreisher Bag, $50

TopShop the Mimi Bag by Marc B**, $84

Oryany Flap Satchel, $398

Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Sophie, $478

ASOS Clean Line Double Buckle Satchel, $44

Pathfinder Laptop Messenger Bag, $49.95

Vintage B-15 Pilot Messenger Bag, $31.99

And add all of those to Refinery 29‘s recent exhaustive list of PS1 doppelgangers

And these are just the bags that are currently available for sale on the Internet…not including the messenger bags used by the U.S. army throughout the decades…schoolboys in Europe in the 1940’s and 50’s…oh, and all satchels ever existing in the history of Time.

What do you guys think? Does Proenza Scholer have the right to be issuing statements about design infringement towards Target?  Do you think the designer for this bag for Target intentionally copied the PS1…or just designed a messenger bag with a few similarities?  Which came first – the chicken or the egg…or, in this case: the PS1 or the iconic messenger-bag-style design?

Though the Mossimo bag ($34.99) is out of stock online, I spied it the other day at my local Target store.  And if you’d like to worship and purchase the original PS1 in all its original glory, it’s available here for $1,995.



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