DIY Prada-Inspired Rose Cabochon Rhinestone Stud Earrings

0.rosecabrhinestoneearrings_introI’m a sucker for big, sparkly things – and those Prada rose cabochon earrings from S/S 2012 caught my eye immediately.  (And if you were the same and thought of DIY’ing the trend, you’ve probably already seen tutorials by Honestly…WTF, Gloriously Chic, and P.S. I Made This.)

But for my version I wanted to make large, oversized retro-style studs, with a homemade cabochon in the center.  Itching to make your own non-dangly version too?  Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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DIY Rhinestone-Wrapped Neon Tassel Earrings

Lately neon’s been the IT color of the season…and I’m particularly drawn to bright yellow.  DIY tassel earrings have been making the rounds for some time on the blogosphere (see …love, Maegan’s version or Studs n Pearls’ version), so I decided to spice up my version with a bit of elegant rhinestone chain around the tops of the tassels.  The great thing about using neon embroidery thread for this project?  For some reason the quality of the thread is such that it unravels in a heartbeat…particularly annoying for friendship bracelet projects…but perfect for DIY tassels!!  Here’s how to make them:

Materials: (more…)

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DIY Sparkly Geode Earrings

I finally finished a pair of earrings this weekend that I’ve been working on for so long…I had attempted making them numerous times before but just couldn’t seem to get them exactly right.

I’ve always been drawn to the rough imperfections in natural stones and crystals, far more so than anything ever cut or polished by humans.  Geodes are the perfect example of this: the jagged, rough crystals inside that are at once both perfectly symmetrical and so perfectly without order.

I surrounded two halves of a split geode crystal (technically a thunderegg, I guess) with black epoxy resin; then hand-set hematite-colored Swarovski crystals around the perimeters.  Pewter French hooks finish off the earrings.

Given their sparkliness, contours, and depth I found they were incredibly hard to photograph late in the day and on my own, in the mirror.  I’ll have to try when it’s nice and bright outside!

I’m also going to experiment with another pair, this time with Silver Shade Swarovskis around the geodes.  I just couldn’t decide whether the dark hematite gray or crystal-like Silver would look better!  There’s something I like about the smoky gray color glinting against the black resin, though.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


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DIY Leaf Chain Earrings: Create Couture Challenge

Since I’ve been attempting to write the tutorial for my Men’s Shirt to Romper project for the last 2 hours and I’m now going cross-eyed with no end in sight, I think I’ll instead share yet another project I submitted for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge.


*White Rose Pin (leaves only)
*Cream Rose Pin (leaves only)

Additional Tools/Materials:
*chain earrings (basically just some french hooks and some lightweight chain)
*2 jump rings

How to:

1. Remove leaf sections from undersides of both rose pins.
Separate leaves and trim tops.

2. Stack 4 leaves atop one another and poke a hole in their tops using the awl.  (You can also use small sharp scissors or a pin.)
3. Thread the bundle of leaves onto a jump ring.
4. Add jump ring to earring.  Repeat Steps 2-4 for the remaining leaves and other earring.
Pretty easy, huh?

Fun, dangly, and lightweight – these are perfect for summer!


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Don’t Buy DIY: Tom Binns Safety Pin Rhinestone Earrings

Tom Binns is one haute designer who’s been refashioning the way we look at “precious jewelry.” Pieces from his safety pin collection from last year popped up in just about every fashion mag on the planet – and there’s been some cool DIY tutorials for his safety pin necklace (bracelet, in the case of this tute) but earrings there have not been. In fact, the Tom Binns earrings from this collection were notoriously difficult to buy anywhere…leading me to DIY my own. (Well, I would have DIY’d them anyway, since I’m such a cheapskate and like to put my own stamp on things…)

Here’s how (for my version):

You need:
-med-size or small-sized safety pins (I used black)
-pearls (faux, of course!)
-silvertone eyepins
-8″ rhinestone chain (med size rhinestones) (you can scavenge this from a piece of jewelry you already have, or something found at a thrift store, Forever21, or even by the yard from Joann Fabrics)
-8″ rhinestone chain (small size rhinestones)
-oversized rhinestone post earrings with drops below them (scavenged from an ugly pair of F21 earrings)…I know, the original earrings use french hooks, but I wanted a more glitzy, drippy effect to mine
-silvertone jumprings

1. Remove the dangly earring part from your rhinestone earring posts, since we’ll only be using the top.

2. Cut each of your rhinestone chains in half.

3. Pair up one med rhinestone chain length and one small. Thread halfway through a silver jumpring, and attach the jumpring to the earring post drop loop. Each chain will sort of dribble on either side of the jumpring as your earring dangles.
DIY Tom Binns safety pins earrings
4. Using pliers, thread an eyepin through a pearl, cut, bend and loop around the end so the pearl is suspended between two loops. Repeat for each pearl.

5. Using small jumprings, connect the pearl eyepin loops you just made, creating a teardrop shape.

6. Attach teardrop of pearls to main jumpring from Step #3.

7. Randomly pin safety pins throughout the cascade of pearls and rhinestone chain, making sure that the pins will prevent the rhinestone chains from slithering up through the large main jumpring and falling out of your earring.

As you can see, my earrings a bit heavy, so I’ll probably switch out the backs to the comfort acrylic backs that have a larger pad to prevent the whole thing ripping from my earlobe because of the huge weight of them. I also haven’t snipped off the ends of the rhinestone chain where the connector loops were – I’m that lazy!

I feel like a punky Russian princess! Thank you Mr. Binns for such great inspiration!

Happy DIY’ing!


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