DIY Inspiration: Carven Spring 2012

Above: cut the collar of a bright shirt and wear with a low scoop-neckline neutral cami.

The Spring 2012 Carven RTW runway show was chock-full of DIY inspiration from the latest trends.  Removable collars?  Cut-outs?  Bright color-blocking?  Oh yes, give me more!

Thrift a bright knit camisole and cut the neckline into a low scoop; finish the top with hand-stitching or machine-stitching to prevent unraveling.  Wear over a white button-down.

Cut an oval shape out of the center of a simple black dress.

Cut a wavy shape out of the front of a leatherette mini=dress (check the thrift store for possibilities).  Wear over a denim blouse that’s had the sleeves cut off.

Cut a zig-zag shape into the front of a bright dress.  Glue black lace into the hole from the inside.

Cut a heart-shape out of the front of a white blouse.  (One that buttons down the back if you can find it.)  Wear with a bright decorated collar necklace that sits right in the cut-out.

Cut a wavy shape out of a leatherette mini-dress.  Pull apart some metallic flowers (from the floral or the scrapbooking section of the craft store); glue onto the dress with leather glue.

Cut out a round shape at the bust of a bright dress.  Splatter with gobs of contrasting fabric paint.

Change the cut-out regimen by cutting out a rectangle just above the waist of a striped dress.  Add some large beads or paillettes in a similar color across the neckline.

Cut out a polygon shape from above the waistline of a lace dress.  Glue black lace into the hole from the inside.



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